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Jedi trippie - part 8

Discussion in 'Trip Reports' started by Dawn, Jul 2, 2008.

  1. Dawn

    Dawn carpe diem-ing Forum Host

    Jun 29, 2008
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    In the red...
    That's not your room

    I head down to reception and they’re not there. Ah I know where they are. Down the escalator to the entrance and there they are being checked in by the desk clerk there. Niece Ellie greets me with a smile that reveals one missing front tooth and its neighbour hanging by a thread. Nephew Harry is asleep in his buggy. Lisa is bouncing off every available surface and Steve is looking bewildered. I go and help Steve unload his car: he has 4 suitcases! 4 suitcases on the outward trip? Ah, he says they are all half empty and have expanding sections in them. Oh that’s ok then I say while trying to drag one of them through a stupid revolving door. Steve grabs one in each hand and pushes the real door open next to the stupid revolving door. Ellie pulls the smallest one along behind her. I take them up in the lift and show them right to their room. They now want to know where to go for twilight check-in. Luckily, as I knew this might happen, I bought my cellphone with me so I call Adrian and tell him I may be a while and can he give Steven his bedtime bottle of milk. We grab the suitcase and Harry still asleep in his buggy and head into the terminal. The same security guard greets them but he appears to have had an injection of good humour since we visited him as he was all smiles and jokes and couldn’t be nice enough. As I had already checked-in I couldn’t go to the desk with them so I had to loiter in an almost empty terminal and try not to look too suspicious. It’s hard I tell you. Oh and another trip was made to oversize baggage for Harry’s car seat.

    We make it back to hotel reception where Lisa and the children split off to go back to the room and I take Steve over to the car park with his car. We’re not even halfway there when his cellphone rings. He gives it to me to answer. It’s Lisa – she’s already forgotten their room number and has been trying to get into a complete stranger’s room. The rest of the dropping off of Steve’s car goes without incident and we remember to bring back Lisa’s jacket which she left in the car and wants to take with her and I get back to the peaceful tranquillity of our room at about 9pm to find Steven sound asleep in the cot. Adrian has cleaned all the bottles and has the water boiled ready for the morning. We decide to call it a night and try to get some sleep as we have arranged to meet Big Steve and gang in reception at 7.30am the next morning.

    Steven had a brief awakening at around 3.20am in the morning which resulted in me stumbling around in the dark looking for his dummy but apart from that the night passed without incident.

    Oh and in case anyone is wondering Nanny Lesley stayed in the room with us. It worked out much cheaper than two rooms and it was only for one night: she had her own room at Disney. Also I did some calculations based on the gate price for parking at the Summer windmill place and it worked out that after taking away the cost of parking our car for 16 days the room at the Hilton only cost us around £30. Not bad at all.
  2. Jodie

    Jodie Addicted to Mickey

    Jul 1, 2008
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    Yorkshire, England
    Stupid revolving door, they get me everytime aswell



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