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Jiko - The Cooking Place

Discussion in 'Animal Kingdom Lodge' started by Dawn, Sep 6, 2008.

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  1. Dawn

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    Jun 29, 2008
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    Jiko - The Cooking Place

    Last updated 6th September, 2008

    Relax as twin wood-burning ovens roar and the soothing, warm colours of an African sunset bring energy to this remarkable restaurant's comfortable setting. Taste creative African cooking that is a unique blend of multi-cultural influences — from the Mediterranean coast, India and Europe. Savour seafood, steak, chicken and vegetarian offerings, infused with the vibrant flavoors and fragrant spices of Africa.

    Hours: 5:30 pm until 10:00pm

    Read reviews of this restaurant and/or post your own review here



    Artichoke and Peppadew Flatbread - Made with Midnight Moon goat cheese, arugula, and cilantro-yogurt drizzle. - $9.00
    Jiko Cheese Selection - Cypress Grove's Humboldt Fog and Mt. McKinley Chevre, Midnight Moon, Laura Chenel's Cabecou, and French Abbaye de Belloc with spiced fruit jam and crostini. - $14.00
    Kalamata Olive Flat Bread - Made with four cheeses and Laura Chenel's soft goat cheese. - $9.00
    Kenyan Coffee Barbequed Chicken - Flatbread with grilled onions, apple julienne, and four cheeses. - $10.00
    Lamb "Patis" - Pulled lamb rolled in phyllo with mint-cilantro chutney. - $9.00
    Lentil "Pastilla" - Lentil-filled Phyllo pockets with a sweet-and-sour sauce. - $7.00
    Maize & Sweet Potato "Tamales" - Herbed maize pudding and truffled sweet potato mash with shredded goat cheese in corn husk boat. - $8.00
    North African-spiced Beef "Bastela" - Served with cucumber yogurt. - $9.00
    Taste of Africa - Kalamata olive hummus, Durban Tikka Masala, and Malay spinach-lentil dip, with Lentil papadam, whole wheal lavosh, and Flax seed Naan bread. - $9.00
    Tikka Marinated "Ahi" Tuna - Served with Heirloom beans and Tikka yogurt. - $13.00


    Cucumber, Red Onion, and Tomato Salad - Made with organic arugula, cottage cheese, and watermelon vinaigrette. - $8.00
    Green Asparagus Soup - Made with Tandoori Asparagus salad, Pancetta brittles, and spinach chiffonade. - $7.00
    Jiko Spring Field Greens - Served with buttermilk-carrot dressing and whole wheat crostini. - $7.00

    Entree/Main Course

    Berbere-Braised Lamb Shank - Served with toasted couscous, baby spinach, and berbere sauce. - $27.00
    Broiled Filet of Arctic Char - Served with braised beetroots, roasted potatoes, applewood-smoked bacon, chick peas, edamame, and peppadew vinaigrette. - $26.00
    Chermoula-Roasted, Tanglewood Chicken - Served with red skin mashed potatoes, preserved lemons, kalamata olives, roasted garlic, herbs, and harissa. - $26.00
    Durban Curry Shrimp - Served with artichokes, tomatoes, sweet peas, and Colusari rice. - $28.00
    Grains, Peas, and Vegetables - Black garbanzo peas, kamut, quinoa, pearl and black barley, and wheat berries with roasted veggies, and seared tandoori tofu. - $19.00
    Maize-crusted & Seared Pacific Sturgeon - Served with veggies of the moment, tomato-butter sauce, and crispy sweet potatoes. - $30.00
    Oak-Grilled Filet Mignon - Served with Macaroni & cheese and red wine sauce. - $34.00
    Pan-roasted Jumbo Scallops - Served with golden brown mealie "Pap", and spicy tomato-onion "Chaka-Laka." - $29.00
    Tamarind-Braised Beef Short Ribs - Served with Idaho and sweet potato gratin and onion-garlic sauce. - $29.00
    Wood-grilled Pork Tenderloin - Served with sweet potato dumplings and mushroom ragout. - $26.00


    Flourless Chocolate-Mocha Cake Stack - Served with lavender-vanilla bean ice cream, and chocolate caramel sauce. - $8.00
    Green Apple Mascarpone "Trifle" - Roasted Granny Smith Apples, apple-caramel sauce, whipped cream, and brittle. - $8.00
    Inspired by "The Year of a Million Dreams" - White chocolate mousse pyramid with roasted banana and pineapple, banana-pineapple salad, and tropical fruit salad. - $8.00
    Macadamia-Walnut-Dried Fruit Briouates - Served with red cherry sorbet, citrus fruit salad, and Moro orange-tea broth. - $8.00
    Pistachio Creme Brulee - With a Chocolate Layered Bottom. - $8.00
    Plant City Strawberry-Cardamom "Semi Freddo" - Made with orange and balsamico macerated strawberry salad, and almond meringue croquant. - $8.00


    African Beer and Cider - Choose from Casa Lager, Castle, Windhoek Lager, and Savanna Premium Dry Cider. - $6.25
    After Dinner Drinks - Choose from Chocolate Covered Cherry, Zebratini, Keoke Coffee, Cape Town Coffee, or Nutty African. Priced $7.75 to $9.00
    Jiko Specialty Cocktails - Choose from the Apula-tini, Hangin' Out in Cape Town, and the Mount Kilimarita. Priced $7.00 - $10.00
    Jiko Tea Selection - Choose from Green, Chai, and African Black Tea. - $6.00
    Selection of Red Wines - Choose from Pinot Noir, Shiraz, Pinotage, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Various Blends of red wine, and other great reds that are extremely versatile when pairing with food. There are 44 different red wines to choose from, prices vary with each bottle or glass.
    Selection of South African Dessert Wines - There are five different dessert wines to choose from, prices vary with each bottle or glass.
    Selection of White Wines - Choose from Cap Classic South African sparkling wine, Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, and other great white wines that are extremely versatile when pairing with food. There are 33 different wines to choose from, prices vary for each bottle or glass.


    Child's Menu



    Carrot & Celery Sticks - Served with peanut butter. - $3.00
    Fruit Salad - Mixed fruit salad. - $3.00


    Garden Salad - Made with tomatoes and carrots. - $3.00

    Entree/Main Course

    Broiled Fish - Served with mashed potatoes, veggies and fruit. - $8.00
    Grilled Beef Filet - Served with mashed potatoes, veggies and fruit. - $11.00
    Grilled Cheese - Served with carrot and celery sticks, peanut butter dip, and fruit. - $6.00
    Grilled Chicken Breast - Served with mashed potatoes, veggies and fruit. - $8.00
    Macaroni & Cheese - Served with a White Cheese Sauce. - $6.00
    Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich - Served with carrot and celery sticks, peanut butter dip, and fruit. - $6.00
    Pizza - Tomato and Cheese pizza. - $7.00

    Side Dish

    Green Peas & Carrots - A side of green peas and carrots. - $3.00


    Jiko Puzzle - Served with an ice-cream sundae. - $7.00
    S'Mores and "More" - Build your own with Marshmallow Fluff, Peanut Butter, Melted Chocolate, and Graham Crackers. - $6.00
    Vanilla Ice Cream - Kid's Scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream. - $4.00

    While every effort is made to be accurate and up to date, Disney can and does make constant changes to their menus. The menu shown here should be used as a guideline only for food and pricing.
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