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    In a break between the shows we thought we'd see what the wait time was for this new ride. It said 45 minutes which is the best we've seen so we waited. Within 15 minutes we were on.
    You first go into a holding area where you get a very brief movie about Puk the penguin being born. You then queue through a cave which has great air on. Then into another holding area with a lot less folk - just those that will be riding in your car which seats up to 8. You choose if you want the mild or the wild ride.
    We chose the wild but it was VERY tame. The ride itself was very under whelming and lasted for such a short time but, it was worth it because your car the stops at the penguin area. You sit for about a minute watching the penguins before your car moves on and you get out.
    Then came the impressive part. The new penguin area is amazing. There are many sections to it including open areas where there are no barriers to speak of. One water section has a glass wall up to your thighs with the penguins swimming right past you. Another section you could reach out and touch the penguins if it was allowed! Around the corner is a glass partition about 20ft high which is underwater viewing. You look up to the surface of the water and the penguins can swim down and right up to you. There are other sections too. It is lovely to see the penguins with so many levels/sections they can wander through.

    One thing.....it is very cold in there!

    So, 2/10 for the very short and boring ride but 10/10 for the penguin enclosure.

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