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Key W Kools

Discussion in 'Other Restaurant Menus' started by Slowhand, Nov 16, 2008.

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  1. Slowhand

    Slowhand Cruise Director Forum Host

    Jul 29, 2008
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    Staffordshire U.K.
    Key W Kools

    Key W Kools [Oak Fire Grill]
    7725 W. Hwy 192
    FL 34746

    Phone : 407-239-7166

    Last updated 15th November, 2008

    Family run steak and seafood restaurant.

    Open daily: 4pm to 11pm

    Read reviews of this restaurant and/or post your own review here.

    Key W Kools.jpg

    Kool Starters

    Kool Kombo - A combination of our favourites: Fried Mozzarella, Gator Bites, Fried Calamari & Maryland Crab Cake. - $12.95
    Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail - Cooked to perfection in an herbed broth,
    served chilled with a zesty cocktail sauce and a lemon garnish. - $9.95
    Fried Calamari - House breaded calamari with fresh herbs and spices served with our own marinara sauce. - $7.95
    Florida Alligator Bites - Lightly battered and deep fried nuggets of gator, served with spicy dipping sauce. - $6.95
    Bruschetta Flatbread - Slices of garlic toast topped with chopped tomatoes, fresh basil, salt, pepper & Olive oil. - $7.95
    Fried Mozzarella - This mozzarella is HOT, golden brown, served with
    our own marinara sauce. - $6.95
    Kools Flatbread - Roasted wild Mushrooms, Blue Cheese, Scallions & Smoked Red Peppers topped with Balsamic Glaze. - $8.95
    Caprese Salad - Beefsreak Tomatoes and Fresh Mozzarella w/Lemon Vinaigrette. - $9.95
    Crab Cakes - Jumbo lump crab meat served with Texas Pedal Sauce. - $11.95
    Small Classic Caesar Salad - $6.95
    Large Classic Caesar Salad - $10.95
    House Salad - $3.95

    Oak Grilled Specialities

    18 oz. Bone in Rib-Eye - A very tender and juicy cut from the rib loin. Very flavourful. - $28.95
    9 oz. Queen Cut Filet Mignon - A smaller version of our best steak. - $27.95
    Full Rack of Ribs - Fall off the bone delicious, with just the right amount of BBQ sauce. - $28.95, ½ Rack - $17.95
    Marinated Grilled Pork Chop - 12 oz. Pork Chops seasoned and grilled to perfection over our open pit grill. - $17.95
    12 oz. Filet Mignon - Ah!!! The cream of the crop. In keeping with your expectations, only choice Mid-Western grain fed beef are aged for the most tender and delectable taste. - $31.95
    18 oz. T-Bone - The T-bone is similar to the Porterhouse`s flavour, yet it`s filet is smaller. - $27.95
    16 oz. New York Strip - A very popular steak, mostly for the flavour, but also because of it`s name. The steak is aged at least 3 to 6 weeks for tenderness. - $28.95
    32 oz. Porterhouse - By far the most popular steak due to the size, and definitely due to the rich flavour. - $41.95

    From the Sea

    1½ lbs. King Crab Legs - Steamed Alaskan King Crab Legs! - $44.95
    ½ lb. Shrimp Dinner - Select jumbo shrimp lightly battered and fried or grilled.
    Served with our spicy cocktail sauce and lemon garnish. - $19.95
    Here are some of the seasonal selections that you will find on our menu :~
    Salmon - Mahi-Mah - Wahoo - Tuna – Snapper
    Fresh Catch of the Day - We stand dockside to wait for the boats to come in. We serve only the freshest fish available to us. “Don`t let this one get away!” - Mrkt. Price$

    All Entrées served with choice of salad or cup of soup. Choice of baked, cheddar smashed potato or seasoned rice, and vegetable of the day.

    Ask for Daily Chef Selections

    Dinner for Two - Please ask your server for details on a combination of our Steak and Seafood Dinner for Two Options. Prices will vary based on choice of Steak with Lobster or Choice of Steak with Crab Legs. Entrée includes Vegetables & Steamed Rice - $ Market Price

    Side Items

    Baked Potato - £3.99
    Steak Fries - $2.99
    Seasoned Rice - $2.99
    Grilled Asparagus - $6.95
    Sautéed Vegetables - $3.99
    Cheddar Smashed Potato - $2.99
    Béarnaise or Peppercorn Sauce - $2.50
    Sautéed Mushrooms - $3.95
    5 Grilled/Fried Shrimp - $8.95
    8 oz. Lobster Tail - $35.95
    20 oz. Lobster Tail - $62.00
    ¾ lb. Crab Legs - $30.95


    Kids Menu Available from $4.95 to $8.95
    Ages 10 and under

    While every effort is made to be accurate and up to date, Disney can and does make constant changes to their menus. The menu shown here should be used as a guideline only for food and pricing.
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2008
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