LASERMAN R3CONF1GUR3D 2.0 debuts during ElecTRONica with new music, colored lasers at Disney Califor

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    The Grid has changed. This past weekend, Disney introduced the newly “reprogrammedâ€￾ ElecTRONica show now dubbed LASERMAN: R3CONF1GUR3D (that’s “reconfiguredâ€￾ for those of you who aren’t fluent in leet speak). The new show features the performer known as Laserman in an all-new version of his popular nighttime laser light-filled show, featuring new music (familiar to Tron: Legacy fans) and new multi-colored lasers.

    The show is performed twice nightly during ElecTRONica, which takes over the Hollywood Pictures Backlot section of Disney California Adventure on select nights. Marvel at Laserman’s newest upgraded abilities in the video below.


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