Last Minute Decision Part 1

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    October 9th ... I got a great rate with Air Tran and I was heading back to WDW . I touched down in Orlando at 4:00 PM . Since this was a last minute decision, I did not have time to receive luggage tags from DME . Marie had set up DME and I had the confirmation number for the Beach Club . I went and retrieved my small suitcase and headed down to level 1 and to the DME desk . I gave the CM my license and confirmation number and within a short time I was boarding the bus to the Beach Club .
    I called Marie to let her know I was on my way . We had never met one another , so she told me just look for the brown cane . Unbeknowst to me , they hadn't or couldn't check in until I arrived . Marie & her dear husband John , had checked out of CBR and had enjoyed Epcot until I arrived .
    Soon, the bus was pulling up to the Beach Club and I spotted Marie right away . As soon as she saw me , she was all smiles and welcomed me with the biggest, warmest hug as did John .
    We checked in and I paid for my park tix and dining plan . Our villa was a
    1 bedroom which was vey close to the main building . We were in the green villa on the 4th floor . When we stepped onto the balcony, we could see the TOT dead center and to our left the Effiel Tower, Morroco and if we really stretched the American Pavillion .
    I dropped my luggage and freshened up . I had brought a nice black skirt and matching top for dinner . We had an ADR at the Biergarten . We walked over to the WS . I so love the fact that you can walk to Epcot from the BC . Very Cool ! As we walked , the CM's were setting up a very nice outside buffet for the Disney Store convention that was going on . I forgot to mention that I chatted with a few managers attending the conference . One was Christiana from Delaware . She knew my manager . It really is a small world . Anyhow ... we had a wonderful time at the Biergarten . The food was very good . I tasted a little bit of everything . I LoVe German food and since my DMIL is German , I'm familiar with my likes & dislikes . I was so full ... but I managed a piece of Bavarian cheesecake . I enjoyed the entertainment as well . As we were strolling back to the Beach Club, Illuminations was going off . We stopped on the bridge to take it on in and I think it was then that it really hit me ... I was home .
    Part 2 Cindy, Christian and I invade MK
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    It's always nice when you get "home" isn't it Debs :hug2: You had a brilliant view :D

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