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list of hidden mickeys anywhere?

Discussion in 'Shopping & Other Activities' started by mgmjim, Apr 12, 2010.

  1. mgmjim

    mgmjim Earning my ears

    Jun 22, 2008
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    Ive seen a few hidden mickeys on tours but I thought it would be really great for the kids to go on a hidden mickey hunt. Is there a list or book of the hidden mickeys on the web anywhere so we can take it with us
  2. Isafari

    Isafari Wild Animal Expert

    Jun 29, 2008
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    North East England
    This list may get you started!!

    Casey’s Corner - Third story-in upper portion of window that’s farthest left, facing Main Street, U.S.A.

    The Haunted Mansion - Ballroom scene-arrangement of plate and adjoining saucers on the banquet table

    "It’s A Small World" - Africa scene-purple flowers on a vine on the elephant’s left side

    Mickey’s Star Traders - Behind the statue of MICKEY MOUSE-A constellation in the shape of Steamboat Willie

    Mike Fink Keelboats - Queue area-three pulleys hanging on the wall

    Minnie’s Country House - Portrait of CLARABELLE COW-wallpaper border

    The Pinocchio Village Haus - BLUE FAIRY Room-dark blue sparkle painted above the banner

    Snow White’s Adventures - Queue mural- on a pair of shorts hanging on the clothesline
    Queue mural- three stones on the chimney of the Dwarfs’ cottage

    Splash Mountain - "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah" scene-lying on his back in the pink clouds to the right of the riverboat

    The Timekeeper - Outside wall-in the "Space Collectibles Convention" sign
    Outside wall-in the "Recreational Rocket" sign
    On wooden plaque with the model space ship, held by Jules Verne
    Film’s climax-circles of light around the futuristic cities

    Tomorrowland Transit Authority - Take Flight! display-woman getting her hair done has mouse ears on her belt buckle - Take Flight closed for good 6 Jan 1998 but the Hidden Mickey is still there

    Walt Disney’s Carrousel of Progress - Last scene-nutcracker on fireplace
    Last scene-plush toy peeking out of present
    Last scene-wrapping paper
    Last scene-white pepper mill on kitchen counter
    Last scene-painting on back wall is an abstract version of MICKEY MOUSE from Fantasia


    The American Adventure - Lobby-painting of wagon train heading west-above the front leg of the foremost oxen

    China - "Dragon, Ruler of The Wind and Waves" exhibit-head found in clouds of a dragon mural close to the tail

    France - "Impressions de France’7-in the background of the wedding party scene, center of second floor window on the house
    Junkanoo Bus - On the back side of the bus-above the stairs

    The Land - Living with the Land-bubbles in the middle of the mural in the queue
    Living with the Land-three circles near bottom of mural directly across from loading area
    Living with the Land-in the film montage after the farm scene, on the nametags of Epcot' greenhouse technicians in one of the pictures

    The Circle of Life-small stones in front of the Native-American man on a horse
    The Circle of Life-baseball cap of the man driving a harvester

    Mexico - El Rio del Tiempo-arrangement of three clay pots in the marketplace scene

    Norway - Gateway to Scandinavia
    Maelstrom-wall mural facing the loading dock-a Viking wearing MICKEY MOUSE ears
    Maelstrom-wall mural-a bearded construction worker on the right side is wearing a watch with the head image

    Spaceship Earth - Renaissance Italy scene-on the page of a book behind the sleeping monk
    Hat in the teenage boy’s bedroom
    Alarm clock in the same room

    Wonders of Life - "Body Wars"-in the mural above the entrance
    Wonder Cycles-in Microworld, a MICKEY MOUSE doll in the house
    Wonder Cycles-in DISNEYLAND scene, a boy wearing MICKEY MOUSE ears


    Cover Story - Outside the building-in the decorative border above the first floor

    The Disney Studio Store - Center of the shop-the three circular platforms

    The Great Movie Ride - Ride loading area-in the Hollywood Hills mural, a profile of MINNIE MOUSE can be seen above the roof of the gazebo
    Gangster Alley-on the billboard
    Gangster Alley-in the window above the bank

    Hollywood & Vine - In "San Fernando Valley" wall mural

    Hollywood Plaza - The plaza and surrounding buildings in front of the Chinese Theater-when viewed from the air

    Stage 1 Company Store - A pair of shorts hanging from the clothesline hanging over the counter

    Jim Henson’s Muppet Vision 3D - Outside fountain-an inflatable toy raft
    Queue area- "Top five reasons for turning in your 3D glasses" sign
    Lobby video-test pattern the second time Scooter crosses the screen
    Final scene-balloons

    Mama Melrose’s Ristorante Italiano - Waiting area-a spot on the Dalmatian

    Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant - Waiting area - on a purple folder found on the bulletin board

    Star Tours - Queue area-on "Phone directory" sign at front
    First worker robot called G2 is wearing a MICKEY MOUSE watch

    "The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror" - Entrance area-just before you go inside on main balcony designs
    Little girl going in elevator holding a MICKEY MOUSE plush
    Library-on sheet music
    Boiler room-water stain
    At the doors to the final drop -in a swirl of stars


    Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park - On Cross Country Creek-in the stonework of a bridge behind Summit Plummet

    Club House/Disney’s Eagle Pines & Osprey Ridge Golf Courses - Putting green

    Disney’s Beach Club Resort - Near Ariel’s-figure sitting on hallway sand castle picture
    In Guest rooms-on bedspreads, in bubbles

    Disney’s BoardWalk - Lobby-on top of some lamps
    Lobby-in wicker on back rests of a couch

    Disney’s BoardWalk Villas-in rug pattern in front of elevators (on all floors)
    Disney’s BoardWalk Villas-pattern in door lamps in front of each room

    Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort - The Dig Site-in the walls on either side of the pool’s entrance
    Guest rooms-yellow sheets of stationery (several images of MICKEY MOUSE appear)
    On the Room Service menu

    Disney’s Contemporary Resort - Parking lot-floral arrangement of a MICKEY MOUSE watch

    Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground - Minnie Moo! (although you might call that an "accidental" Mickey)

    Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa -Convention center-weather vane

    Disney’s Polynesian Resort - Main lobby-three rocks in the flagstone floor

    Disney’s Wilderness Lodge - Artist Point, right-hand mural-coloration of lower right-hand tree varies creating shape

    Artist Point-cloud in the distance of the left-hand mural

    Whispering Canyon Cafe-in bottom ironwork of fireplace in back room

    PART TWO: "DELIBERATE MICKEYS"(Remember, these weren’t created to necessarily be secret!)


    Cinderella’s Royal Table - Dinnerware-on the crest

    Horse Cars (on Main Street, U.S.A.) - Horses’ bridles-blinders

    Main Street Railroad Station - Front of the station-the flower arrangement
    Above the station-in the flag

    Main Street Confectionery -Candy-making room-the trim of the white cupboards

    Mickey’s Country House - Bedroom-hatstand
    Fence posts
    Front doors
    Front hall-mirror
    Garden-cactus held by DONALD DUCK figure
    Garden-pumpkins and tomatoes
    Living room-picture frames
    Living room-television antenna
    Rec room-ping pong paddle (also in the shapes of DONALD DUCK and GOOFY)
    Above front doors-window

    Minnie’s Country House - Art room-quilt

    Mickey’s Toontown Fair - Blue ribbons throughout the land

    Merchandise carts - on flag poles

    Sir Mickey’s - On the store’s sign

    Splash Mountain - On the cover of the telephone boxes used by the attraction’s Hosts and Hostesses


    FriendShip Launches -On life vest signs

    The Living Seas - In Sea Base Alpha, logo on "submousible"

    Wonders of Life - Entrance doors-in circles in the abstract-shapes sign


    Crossroads of The World - On the globe above the shop

    "Earffel Tower" -MICKEY MOUSE ears on the water tower
    Holding a clapboard on the sign below the ears

    Entrance area - On grassy hill near boat dock-several planting arrangements
    In the metal entrance gates

    Disney-MGM Studios Backlot Tour - Backlot-on the tail of our corporate jet

    The Magic of Disney Animation - Front of the attraction-climbing the sign


    Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park - MICKEY MOUSE ears on the snow child on display

    Celebration - Power station tower near 1-4

    Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort - On trash cans

    Disney’s Contemporary Resort - Inside main entrance arches

    Chef Mickey’s-in sign and cut-out figures encircling walls

    Outside near Bay Lake - silver metal structure with MICKEY MOUSE sitting on giant ears

    Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground - Tri-Circle D Ranch-signs and gates

    Disney’s Old Key West Resort - In the woodwork of railings in various buildings throughout the Resort

    The sun in the Disney Vacation Club log

    Disney’s Polynesian Resort - On the sign outside the arcade

    Disney’s Wilderness Lodge - Walking on "Bear Crossing" sign on road to main entrance

    Wilderness Lodge Mercantile-on totem pole

    DOWNTOWN DISNEY Marketplace - In entrance archway signs

    Art of Disney-sign

    Toys Fantastic-in mural inside shop

    Along the waterfront-in the green wrought-iron tables and chairs

    Fantasia Gardens - Tee-off mats

    Gateway Entrance Signs (at entry roads of the WALT DISNEY WORLD Resort) In purple background behind each character


    Manhole covers

    Merchandise receipts


    Road signs

    Room keys of WALT DISNEY WORLD Resorts

    Security vehicles

    Survey markers

    Telephone book covers at pay telephones

    Topiary figures

    Utility covers
  3. Isafari

    Isafari Wild Animal Expert

    Jun 29, 2008
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    North East England
    Try these for Animal Kingdom...

    General Animal Kingdom
    Rainforest Cafe Sign Mickey
    AK Rainforest Cafe - receipt Hidden Mickey
    Discovery Island Boat - Anchor chain Mickey
    Animal Kingdom Parade Float
    Other parade Hidden and decor Mickeys
    AK Parade - Gold HM on Minnie's float
    Leaves on Popcorn Bucket from Animal Kingdom
    Entrance Ticket Booths - Stone Mickeys
    Tree grates near Tram loading area
    Animal Kingdom - Holiday Tree HMs
    DinoLand - Christmas Tree Mickey Ornament

    The Oasis
    Discovery Island
    Tough to Be a Bug Mickey
    Pizzafari Restaurant - Under a bat
    Pizzafari Restaurant - turtle Mickey
    Pizzafari Restaurant firefly
    Pizzafari Restaurant - mural tree HM
    Pizzafari Restaurant leopard
    Creature Comforts store - Beetle Mickey
    Island Mercantile store - Honeycomb Mickey
    Tree of Life - near the buffalo
    Flame Tree Barbecue - Counter Area
    Flame Tree Barbecue Restaurant - Rhino Mickey
    Flame Tree Barbecue - Tree Grates

    Camp Minnie-Mickey
    Festival Of The Lion King - Float CM
    Festival of the Lion King - Float Upside Down CM
    Festival of the Lion King - Center Stage Relief CM
    Cookie Cabin - Birdhouse Mickey
    Pocahontas Show - Rock Mickey
    Pocahontas and Her Forest Friends - Side Profile MM
    Pocahontas Show - Classic Shadow MM
    Flagpole Mickey
    Camp Minnie-Mickey, Rocks by the Creek
    Snack building Mickeys
    Camp Minnie-Mickey - Greeting Area Rocks
    Birdhouses along the path

    Kilimanjaro Safaris - Flamingo Island
    Kilimanjaro - Donald with the Lions
    Pangani Forest Exploration Trail - box Mickey
    Pangani Forest Exploration Trail - bag Mickey
    Pangani Forest Exploration Trail - Jafar Rock
    Harambe School
    Harambe - Cement Depression
    Mombasa Marketplace - Utility Cover CM
    Near Tamu Tamu Refreshments - Utility Cover CM
    Baloo near Tamu Tamu
    Tamu Tamu - Scar
    Hippo on the Back of The Tree of Life

    Rafiki's Planet Watch
    On the Train to Rafiki's Planet Watch
    Conservation Station - Entrance Mosaic HM
    Conservation Station - orange Starfish Mickey
    Conservation Station - Possum Mickey
    Butterfly Wings at entrance
    Conservation Station - Spider Pink Mickey
    Conservation Station - Ostrich Mickey
    Conservation Station - Green Snake Mickey
    Conservation Station - Lizard's Ear
    Conservation Station - Hippopotamus
    Conservation Station - Llama
    Conservation Station - Squirrel
    Conservation Station - Alligator
    Conservation Station - Under Frog's Eye
    Conservation Station - walrus Mickey
    Conservation Station - Owl
    Conservation Station - Butterfly Body
    Conservation Station - Fish hidden Mickey
    Conservation Station - orange Butterfly Mickey
    Conservation Station - In a Frog's Eye
    Conservation Station - 2nd yellow Butterfly
    Conservation Station - Bumps on lizard
    Conservation Station - Tree Grates
    Conservation Station - Leaves overhead
    Conservation Station - Tiny Fly Hidden Mickey
    Conservation Station - Little Yellow Flower Classic Mickey
    Conservation Station - Tree Classic Mickey Dent
    Rainforest Area - Leaf Mickey
    Conservation Station - Tree Side Profile Shadow
    Song of the Rainforest ceiling shadow Mickey
    Song of the Rainforest tree by a door white CM
    Conservation Station - Green Moss Profile Mickey
    Conservation Station - Tree Side Profile Dent
    Conservation Station - plant stalk Mickey
    Conservation Station - Cockroach
    Conservation Station - Lizard Spot CM
    Conservation Station - Brown Butterfly CM
    Conservation Station - Microtiter Plate Mickey
    Conservation Station - Skins Display
    Affection Section Stage Wall
    AK - Affection Section - goat or sheep
    Train Station Crossbeams

    Expedition Everest - Yeti Base Mickey
    Expedition Everest- Yeti Mural Clouds
    Expedition Everest - Stove pipe mickey
    Expedition Everest - Yeti Mickey Ears in the queue
    Expedition Everest - Hidden Mickey near the patches
    Expedition Everest - Mickey on yeti book
    Expedition Everest - Yeti Museum Handrail HM
    Expedition Everest - Yeti Destroyed Campsite (Kettle)
    Expedition Everest - ink splatters
    Expedition Everest Queue - Bear Mickey Ears
    Expedition Everest - dented lantern Hidden Mickey
    Expedition Everest - Sorcerer Mickey
    Expedition Everest - Loading Area Wall
    Expedition Everest - In the Snow on the ride
    Expedition Everest Gift Shop - Shelf CM
    Everest - Serka Zong Bazaar Tablet
    Expedition Everest - Camp Supplies before entrance
    Everest - Side of Mountain at Night
    Aerial Everest Classic Mickey
    Kali Entrance Wall Plates
    Maharajah Jungle Trek before the 1st arch
    Solid Mickey Earring, Maharajah Jungle Trek
    Maharajah Jungle Trek 1st arch plant Mickey
    Maharajah Jungle Trek - Another Earring
    Jungle Trek - Wall Flowers
    Jungle Trek, Mickey in the Mountains
    Maharajah Jungle Trek Mickey in the clouds
    Maharajah Jungle Trek Outer Wall - Mural Leaves
    Maharajah Jungle Trek, Mickey says hi!
    Jungle Trek - Necklace
    Flights of Wonder - Stage

    DinoLand U.S.A.
    Tree in DINOSAUR Queue
    DINOSAUR - dry erase board Mickey
    DINOSAUR Photo Area Mickey
    Finding Nemo - The Musical, Stage Bubbles
    Finding Nemo - The Musical, Sign CM's
    The Boneyard - Water stain
    The Boneyard Playground archeology display Mickey
    Inside dig area at Boneyard
    Cretaceous Trail dinosaur
    TriceraTop Spin Area - Parking Spaces
    Dinosaur near TriceraTop Spin - Steamboat Willie
    TriceraTop Spin - Blue Dino Nearby
    Primeval Whirl meteor Mickeys
  4. Slowhand

    Slowhand Cruise Director Forum Host

    Jul 29, 2008
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    Staffordshire U.K.
    Those are quite comprehensive lists that Isafari has posted but you will also be able to purchase a book at several locations at WDW. I saw one in the Art of Disney store at DTD last year for example.
  5. Isafari

    Isafari Wild Animal Expert

    Jun 29, 2008
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    North East England
    :yes: You can get the hidden mickeys books at quite a few WDW stores. They were quite inexpensive too.

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