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McDonalds Refreshment Port

Discussion in 'EPCOT Menus' started by Dawn, Sep 20, 2008.

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  1. Dawn

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    McDonalds Refreshment Port

    Last updated 20th September, 2008

    Tiny snack hut serving McDonald's snacks and drinks.

    Read reviews of this restaurant and/or post your own review here.


    McDonald's French fries. Regular size $2.39 or Large size $2.69

    Entree/Main Course

    Chicken McNuggets - 6 pieces $2.79 or 9 pieces $3.99


    McFlurry Dessert - Choose from Nestles Crunch, Nestles Butterfinger and Orange. - $3.99


    Dasani Bottled Water - Regular size $1.25 or Large size $2.00
    Milk - OR Nesquik Chocolate milk $1.99 - $1.29
    Nescafe Coffee & Nestles Tea or Cocoa Selection - Nescafe Coffee $1.89 OR Nescafe Frothe Cappuccino (French Vanilla or Irish Creme) $3.19 OR Nestles Hot Cocoa or Hot Tea $1.89
    Selection of Soft Drinks - Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite, Hi-C, and Nestea Iced Tea. Regular size $2.09 or Large size $2.39 Served in an Epcot Flashing Souvenir Mug $11.29

    While every effort is made to be accurate and up to date, Disney can and does make constant changes to their menus. The menu shown here should be used as a guideline only for food and pricing.
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