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new attraction reports!

Discussion in 'Disneyland Resort Paris' started by goody2shooos, Aug 23, 2009.

  1. goody2shooos

    goody2shooos Earning my ears

    Aug 13, 2009
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    Hi everyone,

    Just returned from the 19th DLP trip and had a great time in 35 degree heat!
    I thought I'd quickly comment on the new stuff that has appeared since I was there at new year.
    Playhouse Disney - Live!, well we went twice (due to my son), and actually I am really glad we did. The 1st time the "host" cast member was one of the only actors at disney I have seen who clearly could not sing or act.... and she was british!! I doubt she could get away with her performance in a summer season production in Skegness and for me ruined the attraction. However, the 2nd visit had a young man playing the part and he was fab. Good singer, actor and interacted with the audience much more. So my advice is -- if the 1st visit is not great, go again as you may be surprised.
    Goofy's summer camp show - Disappointing that the set in the Chaparal Theatre has not been altered since the winter show, but saying that, the actual production was slick, amusing and very entertaining. The dancers are excellent and the only criticism is that a lot of the script is in French, and it can be difficult to follow the story at times.
    I found loads of hidden Mickeys, my favourite being in the barrier (purple metal ones) which house the waiting areas for Animagique.
    The queue issues for Crush's Coaster continue and even be getting into the queue at 9.30 (30 mins before the park/rides open) we still waited for more than 75mins! The operational team in paris really need to look at a way of facilitating the queue more efficiently as it detracts from the great ride.
    still loving it, and now looking forward to WDW in August 2010.
  2. keith

    keith Camera nut Staff Member Administrator Forum Host

    Jun 14, 2008
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    United Kingdom
    Brilliant thanks!!!! We don't get nearly enough trips/info about DLP so great to read some :yes:

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