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Discussion in 'Walt Disney World Trip Reports and Itineraries' started by firenice, Jul 4, 2009.

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    So I'm taking my son (6) to WDW 8/4-8/13. I have been tweaking the itinerary for months now and I think I finally have it. If anyone sees something askew please feel free to mention it. Here goes:
    We're staying at POFQ w/PH & DP
    8-4 (Tues) - 10:am Arrive MCO
    After check in Daniel wants to go immediately to DHS so that he can
    get his face painted like Darth Maul and then build his light saber.
    4:00 (D) Scifi - This is when we'll celebrate my birthday from 2
    weeks earlier. This will be Daniel's first time eating there :) Hopefully
    we'll catch Block Party Bash before dinner.
    8-5 (Wed) - Spending day at Epcot and then maybe head to DTD
    2:00 lunch at Les France with Chef Remy
    8-6 (Thurs) - Morning at resort, afternoon & evening at Epcot for EMH
    9:00am Daniel goes on Bayou Pirate Adventure
    4:00 Garden Grill
    8-7 (Fri) - This day we celebrate Daniel's Birthday at MK
    9:00 breakfast with Lilo and Stitch (he loves Stitch)
    5:00 dinner at Chef Mickey's (preordered mini-Pirate cake)
    8-8 (Sat) - Spending most of day at AK then after dinner to the boardwalk
    6:00 dinner at the Clambake (hope it's good!)
    8-9 (Sun) - Another fantastic day at MK
    8:00 breakfast at Crystal Palace (oh so bright and early)
    10:00 Time to try out the Pirate League (Daniel wants to be the
    cursed pirate. How fun is that!) I'm thinking that we'll have to go back
    for a nap at some point so that we'll be able to enjoy EMH
    8-10 (Mon) - Thinking this morning to rent a surrey bike at POR and just
    kind of hang out for the rest of the a.m. and then go to AK
    4:00 Yak & Yeti for dinner then enjoy EMH
    8-11 (Sun) - Spending day at DHS (hoping to ride Star Tours with Darth
    Vader and Troopers again! Okay, so was probably once in a life time
    10:00 breakfast at Kona for Tonga Toast
    8-12 (Mon) - MK again if Daniel wants...last time at WDW, we spent many
    days at MK (His list of do's: Buzz, Mansion, Pirates, & Aladdin, over and
    over and over again). Last full day :(
    11:00 late breakfast with fab five at Chef Mickeys
    8:45 at Narcoosees for dinner and Wishes (I think this a
    wonderful combo)
    8-13 (Tues) - open for last minute (whatever Daniel wants
    to do)
    2:00 Time to catch ME and head to MCO and then home to our
    beautiful dogs and cat (we always miss them so much!)
    This was such a confusing and full itinerary to begin with that I was losing sleep worried about packing so much in. I switched resorts and dining plan from deluxe so that we can have some free-will, just like the good ole days.
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    Sounds good :yes:
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    Wow, a Pirate Cake, that's awesome! Sounds like lots of good places to eat and of course you'll be at disney, so there will be loads of fun to have!

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