Price Increase for Palo and Remy Aboard Disney Cruise Line

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    Palo and Remy on board Disney Cruise Line provide a world-class dining experience.

    Effective April 19, 2015 on the Disney Magic; April 20 on the Disney Dream; April 22 on the Disney Wonder and April 25 on the Disney Fantasy, the price of Palo for brunch and dinner will increase from $25 per person to $30 per person. In addition, the price for dinner at Remy will increase from $75 per person to $85 per person and $50 per person to $55 per person for brunch.

    Guests making a reservation after the effective date will be charged the new Palo or Remy Dining Option pricing. Guests who have already pre-booked Palo or Remy online will be allowed to dine at the previously booked rate.

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