Star Tours - the Adventure Continues re-opens at Disney Hollywood Studios

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    Disney prepared for an army of excited Star Wars fans with celebrations for the re-opening of Star Tours at Hollywood Studios.

    The attraction re-opens just as Star Wars Weekends 2011 kicks-off.

    Early Friday morning and hundreds of guests were lined up outside DHS, for their chance to experience the revamped attraction. Around 6:30 a.m. those lined up were allowed in to experience Star Tours.

    One rider told us they had already ridden the ride 15 times, and 14 of those times were a different experience.

    Disney will hold a grand opening celebration that kicks off both the ride, and the annual Star Wars Weekends festival. George Lucas was involved in the ride development and will be attending the grand opening.

    Star Tours - The Adventure Continues takes riders on a trip through some of the worlds in the Star Wars galaxy. Disney says riders can go on Star Tours 54times, and never ride the same ride twice.


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