10 Fun Facts About Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park

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    Blizzard Beach is 10 years old today, the Water Park, opened its doors on the 1st April 1995.

    In honor of the anniversary, here are 10 fun facts about this place:

    1. Summit Plummet, the park’s signature attraction, measures 120 feet tall.
    2. The park’s storyline described the park as being Florida’s first ski resort – which quickly melted into a fun water park due to the temperature.
    3. One of the “ski resort†elements that still remains is a chair lift, which takes guests from the beach to the top of Mt. Gushmore.
    4. The park debuted an original character, Ice Gator, as part of it’s storyline.
    5. When it comes to speed, guests can slide up to 55 mph on Summit Plummet and 25 mph on the Downhill Double Dipper.
    6. Teamboat Springs is the world’s longest family raft ride. Up to six can ride per raft.
    7. Tike’s Peak, an area for young children, features a scaled-down version of Mt. Gushmore.
    8. Teamboat Springs features a 1,200-foot series of rushing waterfalls.
    9. One of the park’s more unusual snacks are mini donuts, which are prepared fresh and offered up with chocolate, white chocolate or raspberry dipping sauce.
    10. In 2012, the park joined 500 host locations to help set the Guinness World Record for the World’s Largest Swimming Lesson.

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