1st few days of our disney wedding holiday

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    Friday 24th July 2009
    Dash about most of the day including turning up for work an hour early.
    Finish work and get home at 5.50pm.
    Quickly finish packing have pancakes which David made for tea.
    Head to David’s parents to be picked up at 8 o’clock to go to Hilton Gatwick Hotel.
    Arrive at 10.
    After check in we head to find our way to North Terminal after that we sit at the bar.
    4 drinks came to over £20 and 2 of those were soft drinks.
    Bed at 12 act daft for a while much to David’s annoyance. Were to excited.
    Saturday 25th July 2009
    Awake at 5.20am
    We head over to check in with our bags before coming back to the Hilton for breakfast.
    Go back to North terminal called down to gate 48 to board Thompson’s flight, which is on time. Row 6, F and G.
    The flight and plane are fantastic.
    Arrive on time after immigration which David struggles to clear as someone of the same name has been refused entry.
    Soon at National car hire to pick up Toyota Sienna which we will then call Ivy because of her number plate.
    Arriving on I4 we decide to stop off at Wal-Mart on turkey lake road for some drinks and snacks.
    Arrive at port Orleans French quarter and check in rooms 3116 and 3117. We get 2 badges at reception bride and groom.
    Begins to rain after unpacking head out for food on us 192 to bennigans.
    Very tiered fall asleep very quickly.
    Sunday 25th July 2009
    Wake about 7 am head out to Ihop for breakfast then back to animal kingdom where we park Ivy in peacock 1.
    Head straight for Everest for fast passes but end up waiting the 45 minutes wait time. Christine Harry and I wait in the shade near thee restroom with bottles of water.
    As soon as Dave and alec come off Everest it starts to thunder and lightning we wait it out where we had been sitting after a while we leave the dry only for it to get really heavy and we get soaked standing under a tree. Its decided to make our way back to ivy.
    Back to the room to change then head to Florida mall and j c penny’s we buy t-shirts and trainers.
    Back to the hotel to pick up Harry then off for food to Boston lobster where David and Harry have “all you can eat lobsterâ€
    Back to hotel and have a look at gift shop and games arcade.
    In bed by 10
    Monday 27th July 2009
    Wake at 5.55am talk about war and achievements .
    Phone UK about debit card not working.
    Off to pool at 7.10am.
    Off to magic kingdom for the rope drop.
    Park in Pluto 14, then enter via boat.
    Have pictures taken going up main street USA.
    Head over to splash mountain and big thunder mountain for fast passes.
    Alec and Dave ride splash while we wait and then we wait on the rocking chairs while they do thunder. Then off to the paddle steamer.
    We leave the park to go to the courthouse and for food. Arrive at the courthouse without a wrong turn.
    Have to raise right hand and swear, its funny.
    Eat at ihop on us 192 before heading up john young parkway to Florida mall.
    Buy fleece blanket from brookstones, Dave’s mum gets shoes guys get trousers.
    Back to car and head along sand lake road to Michaels which is on turkey lake road. Call in wal mart and back along 192 to longhorn steakhouse for food then finally back to hotel about 9.
    Start to write up journal but fall asleep.
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    :eek3: scarey moment at immigration!
    Did you buy anything at Michael's?

    Last visit we went to the Michael's just behind Sweat Tomatoes off International Drive and it had moved :(

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