A Look Inside Cars Land's Ramone’s House of Body Art with Chip Foose

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    In the “Cars†movies, Ramone’s House of Body Art is home to a great car artist – the one and only Ramone. So when it came to providing inspiration and styling inside Ramone’s shops at Cars Land in Disney California Adventure park, Disney turned to the best in the business – Chip Foose.

    Chip not only styled Ramone’s various paint schemes for the “Cars†movies, but as owner of Foose Design in Huntington Beach, Calif., he’s world renowned for his designs of customized cars, paint and wheels.

    Guests will be able to experience Ramone’s House of Body Art in two places inside the land – downtown Radiator Springs where it’s a merchandise shop, and inside Radiator Springs Racers where we go to get our paint job freshened up as we head for the big race. Chip and his talented team of pinstripers – Dennis Ricklefs, Brad King and Jeff Styles – have been on site recently, adding the finishing touches to both of these locations.

    [video=youtube;CW62cNbncNo]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CW62cNbncNo&hd=1[/video] ​

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