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    Stayed at All-Star Movies for the 1st time this weekend. I was pleased.

    First of all, I had several 'musts' so I called in to talk to a reservation specialist when I booked the room. I'm a passholder so I got a discout (thankfully) and was travelling with my aunt and grandma, who are 'special needs.'

    I requested adjoining rooms, ground floor, near parking. I got all three.

    We stayed in the "Love Bug" building, which was very cutely themed. In the courtyard between the two Herbie buildings they have a "Victory Lane" with the real Herbie WDW used in the parades between 1978 and 1990! He was so cute and I had ma take my pic with him.

    The room was clean and towels and toiletries stocked. The only thing missing was the remote to the t.v.! We didn't need to watch it but, I did report the missing remote to the front desk when we left.

    I didn't go to the cafeteria but Gramma & Bev went down to get breakfast. Gramma said a CM helped her with her tray to her table and even got her coffee! I thought that was very sweet and unusual that a cafeteria CM would take the time to help but, it's Disney! I'm ALWAYS surprised with something!

    We didn't have any problems with catching the bus. They were very prompt going to and coming from Epcot. It's only ~5 min. between the park & the resort.

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