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    Did you know the at "The Art of Disney" store in EPCOT, the resident artist chooses someone each day to become the "Artist of the Day"?

    When we were there in March 2011 we wandered in to buy a drawing to commemorate our Grand Marshal experience in MK. Buying an artists rendering is a tradition with our friends, the Darmofals, and we think it's a lovely and unique way to preserve a memory! Over the years, they've had a few artists, but the one they remember the most is Eddy, and it just so happens he was there that day! Eric mentioned to him that they were glad to see him again, and told him that they had several renderings of his hanging pride of place in their home. Eddy then asked our friend's daughter, Elizabeth, if she would like to be the "Artist of the Day" which she did with great enthusiasm.

    This year, our same friends returned to Disney World, and while visiting EPCOT, they returned to The Art of Disney store to see if Eddy was working, and there he was! This time, their younger daughter, Shannon, was asked to be Artist of the Day!

    Shannon (typically a VERY shy lovely) was invited to sit at Eddy's drawing desk, choose a Disney character, and then given pointers on how best to draw that character!

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    Afterwards, with a bit of pomp and circumstance from Eddy and his fellow cast members, the drawing was framed (in a special frame with "Artist of the Day" inscribed on it) and displayed for the entire day at EPCOT. Shannon was allowed to sign his very exclusive "Artist of the Day" autograph book, was given a certificate and sticker (proclaiming her "Artist of the Day") and was then invited to return later that evening before leaving to retrieve her artwork so that she could take it home with her.

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    Shannon was OVER THE MOON!

    So if you're ever in EPCOT, and you happen by The Art of Disney Store, stop in and chat with the resident artist - they are friendly, fun and amazing at what they do; and you just might walk right into a magical moment of your own!

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    That`s fantastic Becca, and what a treasured momento to keep eh?
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    Now, how cool is that?

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