Behind the Scenes - Captain Hook by Annie Leibovitz

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    Disney’s Golden Oak Ranch near Newhall, Calif was the location for the Captain Hook Disney Dream Portrait by Annie Leibovitz.

    Playing in the background, “Yo-Ho (A Pirate’s Life For Me)â€￾ and never “Never Smile at a Crocodileâ€￾ helped set the mood as Russell took his place in the jaws of the crocodile and the shoot began. As it continued, some wardrobe adjustments were made, Captain Hook’s hat was included for a while, the jacket was removed, then added back. Taking photos of every possible combination helps keep all options open as the final image is being created back in New York.

    If you’re wondering how Russell got out to the crocodile without getting wet, you might not be surprised to learn that he actually walked a wooden plank that could be easily removed while Annie was shooting.


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