Cars’ Merchandise is Expected to top ‘Toy Story’, Become Largest Film Licensing Property

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    In anticipation of the film’s June 24 release, Disney/Pixar has been releasing merchandise for Cars 2 since mid-May. There’s a good chance you’ve probably seen some of it by now, whether in Disney Stores around the country, or even aprons and mini cake-baking pans available at Williams-Sonoma stores. Indeed, this merchandise is so prevalent, Disney recently disclosed that Cars 2 merchandise is on track to beat sales from last summer’s mega-hit Toy Story 3, which took in over $2.4 billion in retail sales in 2011.

    In a recent webcast, head of Disney’s consumer products division Andy Mooney said that Cars merchandise will be available “in every conceivable category that will enable it [to] be the largest licensee program in history.†So far, these many various categories include hundreds of different toys, apparel, cooking appliances, and more.

    Analysts agree that it is realistic for Cars merchandise to top Toy Story 3’s merchandise sales, considering that merchandise from the first Cars movie, released in 2006, is still popular with consumers five years later. In addition to this plethora of merchandise, the film will also be promoted with the upcoming Cars Land area in Disneyland’s Disney California Adventure Park, and a series of short Cars Toons films.


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