Cars Land at Disney California Adventure Park by Numbers

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    It’s been seven months since Cars Land opened to Guests at Disney California Adventure park.

    Since then, thousands of Guests have cruised down Route 66 and raced through Ornament Valley. At 12 acres, the size of Cars Land is enough to impress, but here are a few more numbers:

    • 280,000 – Square feet of rockwork in Cars Land, making Ornament Valley mountain range the largest rockwork created in a domestic Disney theme park
    • 125 – Height in feet at the tallest peak of Ornament Valley range
    • 4,000 – Tons of steel used to construct the Ornament Valley range and Radiator Springs Racers
    • 36,000 – Approximate number of miles per year each Radiator Springs Racers vehicle will travel, equivalent to more than 14 trips down the original Route 66
    • 6,714 – Air vents keeping the tires flying at Luigi’s Flying Tires
    • 525 – Approximate length, in feet, of the stretch of Route 66 that runs through Cars Land
    • 70 – Species of native plants in Cars Land (including more than 450 trees and cactus)
    • 16 – Neon signs in Cars Land, with the Flo’s V8 Café sign standing tallest at 27 feet

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