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    From the Orlando Sentinel:
    Travel agents are unhappy that Disney Cruise Lines last week cut the commission they earn on future cruises that are booked by customers already on board one of the company's ships.
    The commission is being capped at 10 percent. It had previously been up to 16 percent depending on the agent's sales volume.
    Booking while on board can get people perks such as reduced deposits.
    "I believe that an agency earns that higher commission amount by bringing more clients aboard Disney Cruise Line and that it's unfair for them to say that they will pay a lower rate just because it's booked on-board," travel agent Kristy Ouellette said in an email."I do a lot of work educating my client on the benefits of booking while they are still on-board but, if I continue to do that, I'm basically giving a percentage of my income away."

    A Disney spokeswoman said that the change is one of many adjustments the company makes in its business.
    Competitor Royal Caribbean was quick to distance itself from Disney's move.
    "We believe that those future bookings made onboard are the most valuable bookings we can get. … You should have the full commission," Royal Caribbean International senior vice president Vicki Freed told a group of agents last week, according to Travel Weekly. "And when a competitor makes a move like [Disney] did yesterday, it concerns us because we don't want to ever misbehave. And I don't know of another way to word that."
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    This has been much discussed with my travel agents co-workers. DCL is the bread and butter for many of the agents and this feels like a slap in the face :-( The other cruise lines (Carnival, Royal Carribean, et al have come out in force against the DCL policy.
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