Creating the Sounds of Radiator Springs Racers in Cars Land

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    Each ride vehicle on Radiator Springs Racers is a moving mini-theater that delivers a show to our guests as they travel through the attraction. And – as with any theatrical experience – dialogue, music and sound effects play a key role in story telling.

    Joe Herrington, Principal Media Designer for Walt Disney Imagineering helped design, record, edit and install a compelling audio track for the attraction. He started making recordings of car engine sounds and other sound effects more than a year ago and he has been onsite full-time since early March, riding the attraction over and over as he sweetens and perfects the audio experience.

    Joe has ridden Radiator Springs Racers in rainstorms, the middle of the night, on weekends – any time he can get access to the attraction to get it just right. There’s no one more dedicated to his craft.

    The video will give you a little taste of what Joe has been up to.


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