Debbie does Disney 2009 - F & W Festival starts today

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    Friday 25th September

    We were supposed to be meeting up with our friends today but they all wanted to go shopping so said would meet tomorrow at MK for the whole day instead.

    We let DS sleep in till he woke - he was getting weary after a week of excitemnent. DH and I went separately to Concierge for breakfast.

    We arrived at EPCOT bang on 11am as WS was opening. Today was the start of the F&W festival and we were looking forward to experiencing it after hearing all about it on here.

    There were huge crowds heading into WS so decided to do FW first. We went to 'Honey I Shrunk..'why I don't know(probably just because we came to it first). It really is time to retire this IMHO. We worked our way round the rides and it was fairly quiet e.g Mission Space, both sides only had a 5 minute wait.

    DS needed his medical feed so stopped at Sunshine Seasons for lunch. This really is my fave CS in WDW - the choice is fabulous and the food tasty and fresh

    We then carried on round. We liked the changes to Spaceship Earth which were new to us. We sent the postcards home by e-mail.

    Early evening ADR at Biergarten where my A* German student DD was instructed to speak to our waiter throughout dinner solely in German. His name was Carl, am engineer by trade. They conversed each time he came to the table..and he could understand her..and vice versa. He said she was very good. I have to admit to a very proud mum moment - especially as all our table guests were listening in and praised her

    DD then left us to go back to YC to meet her friends. We watched the Eat to the Beat Concert by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. Theatre was full and they were fab!!!

    We were staying out for Illuminations so decided to do the Beer Hop. You pay $12 for a passport which allows you to try 4 out of 8 beers from around the world. My DH face was a picture when he discovered it was no more than a thimble full when he thought it would be a bottle of each

    We also tried a couple of the 'Country' Food Counters. Cork had a lobster and scallop fishermans pie. We were amazed at the quality and size of the portions Greece had some tasty treats but can't recall the name of them. I picked up one of the small gift cards with the coil on for round your wrist - a great idea for easy paying when hands full with glasses and plates, not to mention pushing a wheelchair. Great idea, Disney

    It is so great to be back at YC in minutes after Illuminations. No buses or boats. You will know were we headed - DH had a couple of beers to make up for the Beer Hop offerings. DD was still out when we got back to room..she came in around midnight and woke us all up.

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