Discounted park tickets for attending timeshare pitch

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    I'm planning a trip to orlando in peak summer season and wish to visit both universal and disney but tickets for our family of six are costing too much. Are there any offers to get discounted park tickets in exchange of attending a timeshare presentation? What other options are there to get discounted tix?
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    Hi there and welcome :)

    Well, yes, you can always find some park tickets cheap in return for attending timeshare presentations. The last one we did was for wyndham resorts and they shuttled us to the resort, showed us round, gave us the pitch, then took us to universal free and paid for the tickets.

    You can find these things pretty easily to be honest. disney DVC are meaner because they know they don't have to go to the same lengths.

    All I'd say is, even the easiest one will take at least half/three quarters of your day and they are very awkward things when you're not buying. Firstly, they get people all the time wanting the free tickets so they're hyper aware of that and quiz you pretty extensively before you get that far. When you DO get there, the sales pitch is full on. I mean, I've been to some where I've had to push past people to get out and I've been to very respectable ones like Wyndham, but even THOSE were full on. For example, After looking round, we got figures and said we'd think about the financing. The guy said hang on, went and got "his manager" (like we couldn't see that coming right?) and he came out and said right, we all know once you get out that door you arent coming back, so why dont we stop playing games and you tell me what I need to do to close the sale today? Luckily I'm a bit of an old goat :lol: and this wasn't unexpected, so I said look , nothing you could do short of "free" will make me sign today, I would ALWAYS think hard about a purchase like this... <awkward pause> followed by ok look I'm going to halve the offer, I dont believe ANYONE would ever give you a better offer than this.... and I repeated my line and it still took another hour before I was able to just stand up and say look, I'm leaving now but thanks. I even tried to be reasonable and said "can I take a brochure with me?" and the manager guy threw the brochure in the bin and said I dont think youre serious so its not worth it.

    Anyway, bitter taste aside, the guy outside took us to universal and paid for the tickets..... was it worth it? well not for the two of us no.. ironically we had actually been interested in the timeshare and the tickets were just a bit of a bonus. The time wasted and the awkwardness involved killed the benefit IMHO.

    I'm not even sure if they'd do it for six people but I guess if they did, sure, at least you'd get your money's worth ;-) . but you'd have to be very tough.
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