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    Tuesday November 8th. We are going to MVMCP tonight. It is the first night. We plan on taking it a bit easy today. Breakfast is at the Grand Floridian Café. Donna orders the Eggs Benedict with scrambled eggs as she doesn’t care for poached eggs. I ordered the Lobster Benedict which did include the poached eggs. It was YUMMY. I wish I had ordered an English Muffin to sop up the Hollandaise Sauce and egg yolk. Donna ordered some hot tea; I had coffee and a glass of skim milk. We both had Grand Mimosas, which are normal Mimosas with a splash of Grand Marnier added. They came adorned with huge strawberries. After leaving the Grand Floridian we headed over to DHS to search for something Donna had seen on our previous visit. She also wanted to get a picture of the Christmas Tree at 50’s Prime Time so we went in to the Tune In Lounge where the tree sits and while she was taking pictures I ordered us a couple of Bloody Marys. We left DHS and took the boat to EPCOT where we wanted to pick up a Viking Helmet and gear for Nathanael. Then it was back to DHS where we had parked and over to our resort for a short rest before heading to MK for the party.

    MVMCP was a lot more crowded than I thought it would be. People started camping out on Main Street USA as soon as the party officially began. We got there a bit early and walked around taking a few pictures, rode POTC, and then headed to LTT for dinner. We also bought a set of ears for Donna’s brother since we had forgotten them when we were there with him. When we came out the party was just getting under way. We walked up to the Emporium to get our party shirts and pins. We couldn’t get anywhere near the castle stage for the show so we pressed on through the crowd and over to Tomorrowland. Unfortunately we were too late to see the show that had started there. We rode the TTA and headed over to Haunted Mansion. Following that we walked back up to the castle to catch the show of guest pictures on the castle. They did a fabulous job with this. The castle went through multiple iterations of color schemes while posting the pictures. Then it was time for Holiday Wishes. They were SPECTACULAR. Donna shot some video on her camera. I couldn’t find a seat and tried to sit down on the asphalt, but couldn’t get down without something to hold on to. I thought I was going to lose my balance while standing there and several people expressed their concern but I did manage to tough it out. After this we wandered back to Liberty Square where we nabbed our spots for the parade. By the time the parade was over we felt it was time to leave. We took the ferry across the 7 Seas Lagoon, caught the tram to the parking lot and went back to our resort where it was after midnight when we arrived.
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    :( sorry to hear you had trouble sitting, glad you were able to get situated. :hug2:

    Grand Floridian Cafe sounds divine...I can't wait to try it!

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