Disney 2011 Part XI

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    Wednesday November 9th. My sister Betty and her DH Steve arrived yesterday afternoon and met up with Steve’s daughter Lydia, who is the one getting married. We are going to meet them at one of the parks and then this evening we are going to JIKO. Donna and I are once again off to a leisurely start. We ate breakfast at the Maya Grill. We both had spicy Bloody Marys. Our server Luis makes them well. Donna had a scrambled egg breakfast skillet with sausage. I had the Kobe Burger with egg. The burger had Swiss Cheese on it and I asked for the bun to be on the side. After breakfast I sent a text to Betty. They were at DHS so we went over there to meet them. They were just entering the Backlot tour when we arrived so Donna and I watched a street performance and headed over to NY Street to meet them. We tried to get into TSM but they were out of FP when Betty and Steve arrived and the wait was 70 minutes. Betty had never done the Great Movie Ride so we rode it. We then went to see Beauty and the Beast. We then went to the Tune In Lounge where we had a drink and a couple of appetizers. From there we took them back to our resort to show them around and then to theirs so that they could get ready for dinner. Donna and I both went back to the resort, freshened up, changed clothes and went back to pick up Betty and Steve.

    After picking them up we drove over to AKL. We were a bit early for our ADR so we went to Victoria Falls and had drinks. It was then down to JIKO to check in. We had only a short wait. Our server was Jeff. Donna ordered the taste of Africa for an appetizer, Betty and Steve ordered the African Spiced Fire-Roasted Chicken - with four cheeses, bacon, arugula, peppadews and zough flatbread, and I ordered the Grilled Wild Boar Tenderloin - with Mealie Pap, Chakalaka, White Truffle Oil and Micro Cilantro. All of the appetizers were tasty. Betty and I both taste tested a bottle of Paul Cluver Pinot Noir and pronounced it fit to drink. We went through two bottles over dinner. Donna tried to order the Braised Beef Short Rib - Truffled Potato Puree, Pearl Onions, Baby Carrots, and Cabernet-Tamarind Sauce, how since it is prepared in a veal base and she is allergic to veal she had to settle on something else. She chose the Vegetarian entrée’ Bunny Chow and Falafel Durban Curry Vegetables - Naan bread, mango ketchup and harissa mustard and chickpea-lentil cake with cilantro yogurt, wilted greens and peppadew-olive tapenade. She wasn’t overly impressed with it. Betty ordered Seared Barbarie Duck Breast - Potato and Spinach Masala, Royal Trumpet Mushrooms, and Port Emulsion and Steve and I both chose Seared Wild Atlantic Grouper "Kushairi" - with toasted pearl couscous, lentils, fresh chickpeas, almonds, tomato, corn "pudding", crispy onions and harissa vinaigrette. After dinner Betty and I both ordered glasses of Morgenhof Port and we ordered some pressed coffee for all except Betty, who doesn’t drink coffee. She and I split Artisanal Cheese Selection - Five tasting portions with accompaniments from around the world (Enjoy a selection of sheep and goat cheeses from around the world selected by our chefs and uniquely paired with fig toast, house-made jams, and marinated fruits. Our selection changes daily based on availability and levels of ripeness.) Donna and Steve split some sort of chocolate dessert.

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