Disney 2011 Part XIII

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    Friday November 11th. Alas the final day of our vacation is upon us. However, it is a beautiful, although quite cool day for our niece to get married. I made reservations once again at the Grand Floridian Café for breakfast. And, since I had enjoyed the Lobster Benedict so much a couple of days ago, I opted for that again. Donna had the American Breakfast, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage and biscuits. We had some coffee and a Grand Mimosa apiece. We then wandered out to the marina, where the wedding was to be held. We met the groom (Adam) and his groomsmen. We also met his Aunt. Soon it was time for the wedding to begin. The mothers were brought in, followed by the groomsmen walking in and then the bridesmaids. Lydia soon appeared, with her dad, in a beautiful white coach drawn by a Clydesdale named Jacob. She was gorgeous. They had a beautiful view of the castle in the background. Following the wedding she and Adam got into the coach and were carried off by Jacob for a trip around the GF. When they got back there were group pictures taken of all who were attending the wedding. Jacob apparently decided somewhere along the way that he needed a potty break so it took them just a little longer to get back than was expected. The reception is at EPCOT this evening and the bus will be picking us up at All Star Music at 5:30PM.

    Following the wedding Donna and I headed to DTD, totally forgetting that this was Festival of the Masters weekend. The parking lot was jammed. I let Donna out and told her I would join her once I found a parking spot. Two trips around the lot and lo and behold a vehicle was pulling out right near the front and I managed to nab the spot. We picked up a few last minute items and came back here to the resort to pack. Now we just need to get it out to the truck and pack it.

    Following a late lunch, hot dog for Donna and Turkey and Cheese for me, at Rix Café here at the resort we returned to the room for a short rest. Soon it was time to head over to All Star Music where the bus would pick us up for the reception. The bus was on time and we almost filled it. Lydia was still dressed in her gown and Adam in his tuxedo. The driver took us down Backstage Lane into EPCOT where the guard came on the bus and checked the contents of any bags we were carrying. We were then driven around backstage and over to the Living Seas area where we were led through a CM only area and around near the entrance to the Coral Reef Restaurant where they led us into the Living Seas Conference area. This is a lovely area with views into the fish tank. There was an enormous buffet waiting for us, as well as an open bar. The evening began with the members of the wedding party being introduced, then the parents and finally the bride and groom. There was a DJ who played a variety of music as requested by Lydia and Adam. Following dinner surprise guests showed up. Mickey and Minnie dressed in Hawaiian attire arrived and mingled with the crowd and danced with the bride and groom and others. They then assisted in the cutting of the gorgeous two tiered wedding cake adorned with edible sea shells and other items associated with the sea. A great time was had by all. We were then led back out to the bus and returned to All Star Music. I think a bunch of the younger folks were planning on heading to DTD to continue to party. The bus however, was taking Lydia and Adam over to AKL where they would be spending their wedding night in a Savannah room. Donna and I returned to our resort and began to rest up for the trip back home.

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