Disney Cruise Line - not changing alcohol policy

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    There have been some rumors circulating online that Disney Cruise Line was going to limit the carry on alcohol to one bottle of wine or champagne and 6 bottles (or cans) of beer and excess carry-on liquor would be confiscated.

    Disney Cruise Line public affairs manager, Rebecca Peddle, stated “Although we continually evaluate all of our policies and occasionally make adjustments, at this time, there has been no change to our alcohol policy.â€￾

    The current alcohol policy states:

    • Alcohol must be carried onboard — not packed in checked luggage.
    • There is no quantity limit per se, but carry-on bags cannot exceed 22 inches wide, 14 inches high and 9 inches deep.
    • Coolers are not allowed onboard, except for medical reasons.
    • A corkage fee is charged for all bottles opened by a wine steward.
    • Liquor purchased in port or in duty-free shops is held until debarkation.

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