Disney Fantasy - New prduction called Reflections to Join Aladdin and Believe on board

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    With casting calls for the Disney Fantasy (maiden voyage March 31, 2012) beginning soon, we have learned that the new production being created exclusively for the Disney Fantasy will be titled Reflections.

    This news comes via the resume page of choreographer Darren Lee on his agents’ website. Interestingly enough, Lee’s resume also lists ‘Toy Story’ at the Hyperion Theatre at Disney California Adventure, the show once announced to replace ‘Aladdin,’ before Disney Parks abruptly announcing an indefinite extension of ‘Aladdin,’ a move we used to feed our inane assumption that the staged musical version of ‘Newsies’ would be moving into the park.

    Specific roles that appear to be tied to the new show include:

    Kayla: female, 18+ to play 18, ethnically diverse, strong actor, principal vocalist, class valedictorian, serious and grounded, values her friendships above all, soprano, pop/Broadway style, D belt;

    Brandon: male, 18+ to play 18, strong actor, principal vocalist, quirky good looks, unlikely leading man, humorous yet can ground himself when necessary, secretly in love with Kayla, brother to Nicole, tenor, pop/Broadway style, low Bb to high A;

    Nicole: female, 18+ to play 18, strong actor, principal vocalist, funny sidekick, feisty with a big personality, sister to Brandon, mezzo soprano, pop/Broadway style, low F to high G mix;

    Roles also being cast in the notice, which explicitly refers to ‘three new musical theater-style productions… onboard the new state-of-the-art luxury cruise liner, the Disney Fantasy,’ include roles for the aforementioned ‘Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular’ and ‘Believe,’ which has already premiered aboard the Disney Dream. Outside of some changes and additions to ‘The Golden Mickeys,’ ‘Believe’ is the exclusive show to the Disney Dream, so it makes little sense that it would be appearing on Disney Fantasy, but it appears to be the case as per the casting notice.

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