Disneyland Paris Celebrates 20 Years of Magic, Laughter and Dreams

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    From April 1, 2012 onwards, Disneyland Paris will be celebrating its 20th anniversary, in sparkling, colourful and magical style. Europe's leading tourist destination will be donning extra special lights and colours to celebrate its anniversary in a fitting manner.

    20 Years of Magic

    On April 12, 1992, Disneyland Paris opened its doors to thousands of impatient guests for the first time. 20 years have gone by – 20 fairytale years, 20 years of enchantment, 20 years in which the dreams of millions of adults and children have come true.

    These 20 years of history have been marked by major events including the opening of must-see attractions such as Indiana Jones™ and the Temple of Peril (1993), Space Mountain – from the Earth to the Moon (1995) and The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror™(1) (2008), as well as the opening of a second park, Walt Disney Studios Park, in 2002. In addition to the variety of attractions, shows and parades such as The TarzanTM Encounter (2000), Disney's Fantillusion (2003) and Disney’s Once Upon a Dream Parade (2007) have left thousands of people with lifetime memories.

    Every day, more than 14,500 Cast Members are at work on stage and backstage to provide our Guests with unforgettable memories.

    2012: An Explosion of Magic, Lights and Colour for Disneyland Paris' 20th Anniversary

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    Throughout this exceptional year, there will be lots of surprises and new features, providing an explosion of magic, lights and colour. This amazing event is not to be missed!

    From April 1, 2012 onwards, the Disneyland Park will be hosting "Disney Dreams!", an amazing night-time show, "Disney Magic on Parade!", a brand new parade, and "Meet Mickey Mouse ", a moving meeting with Mickey Mouse backstage in a music-hall theatre.

    Disney Dreams!

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    Walt Disney said: "Dream you life in colour, it's the secret of happiness." From April 1, 2012 onwards, the Disney Dreams! show will dazzle guests after dark with thousands of lights, colours and magic, thanks to never-before-seen special effects, showcased at Sleeping Beauty Castle. Peter Pan's shadow will play tricks and carry guests off through the greatest Disney stories and the worlds of dream and magic.

    This breathtaking, all-new show, specially created for the 20th anniversary, will transform Sleeping Beauty Castle every evening, combining images, lasers, enormous water fountains and firework effects to create an explosion of colours – and a totally new and unforgettable experience.

    Disney Magic on Parade!

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    Magic is the watchword as the parade is transformed in honour of Disneyland Paris's 20th anniversary celebrations. New music, new floats, a new choreography and new characters will provide guests with a completely new experience. The parade will be even more romantic and fairytale than before, celebrating the most magical of Disney characters with Disney Magic on Parade!

    Meet Mickey Mouse

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    During this special meeting, Mickey Mouse will welcome guests in a rehearsal room full of amusing props and his favourite costumes. Everyone will be able to take a photo with him, amid a sumptuous theatre decor. The magic will be at work during this brand new meeting for all the family.

    Walt Disney dreamed of bringing to life the fairytales he enjoyed as a child, with a theme park for children and adults where they could let their inner child out again, and where children and parents could have fun together. To build this enchanted kingdom, he enlisted a team of experts, all with the same level of attention to detail and the same desire to bring to life the wonderful world of Disney films. After 20 years of enchantment, Disneyland Paris is still fuelling the dreams of young and old alike.

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