Disneyland's Matterhorn Bobsleds Closing for 6 Month Refurbishment

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    Disneyland is closing its Matterhorn Bobsleds ride for the next six months, disappointing the park’s guests.

    The 147-foot-tall Matterhorn ride is down for its longest and largest overhaul since 1959. Guests complain that they were given little to no notice that the popular attraction would be down during their visit.

    Rumors of the closing involve Disney’s habit for making their rides tie-in with their movie properties, and there is a Walt Disney film in development that takes place mainly in the Swiss Alps. This was done in 2007 when Disneyland changed the Submarine Voyage into a Finding Nemo-themed ride.

    However, Disney officials say they are not making any major changes and the ride is down for routine maintenance.

    According to a permit filed in Anaheim, the $1 million remodeling project includes brand new vehicles and a fresh coat of paint to the attraction’s mountains. Disneyland will also replace the station gates and the themed lightning while modifying the queue

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