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Discussion in 'Disneyland Resort Paris' started by Slowhand, Apr 23, 2018.

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    It seems like a good idea to use up our DVC points for a short trip to DLP [we have to "spend" our points before the end of April 2018 for use before the end of August 2018 or we`ll lose them!]

    We are considering going by Eurostar which most folks say is the best way to go rather than by plane.

    Before going ahead and making a booking I have a few questions for anyone who is a seasoned DLP go`er !
    1. Do you have to make any pesky ADR`s for dinners at the on-site restaurants as per WDW ?
    2. Staying at either The New York, Newport Bay Club or Sequoia Lodge would be our preferred resorts for a few days, [The Disneyland Hotel would be our no.1 choice but it would use too many DVC points for a stay more than 2 days.].....which would you prefer out of them?
    3. How many days do you think would it take to see/"do" it all ?
    4. Is it best to buy any park tickets here, or when we get there ?
    5. Any other tips ?

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