Easter at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World

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    Easter will be celebrated this year at the Magic Kingdom with special meet and greets from the Easter Bunny. Mr and Mrs Easter Bunny will be greeting Guests in Town Square at the Magic Kingdom.

    As well as greeting Guests, they will also make a special pre-parade appearance on the 19th and 20th April along with other spring time characters, dancers and the Azalea Trail Maids.

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    Oh good grief, the Azaleas? o_O Well, there are many who do enjoy that group.

    It surely looks colorful, doesn't it?

    I remember, years and years ago (back when you could park for free at the Swan) Herself and I were walking along the canal side of the Swan (the back side of the hotel) on a walkway that lead ultimately to the main walkway to the Boardwalk. As we came around the corner there was a good size group of what appeared to be mothers and children, and some CMs. We were getting odd looks, to be sure. A CM approached and told us to walk quickly to the main walkway as the group was waiting to come into the area where we were for an Easter egg hunt and there were already rumblings that we were there first and had found eggs. :lol: We didn't have a clue!!

    We did tell the CM that she needed to control the perimeter if she didn't want to have innocent people wandering into their "group only" event. :D

    Weird Easter memory, eh?

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