First Look at Star Wars Merchandise 2012

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    A first look at some merchandise that Disney Design are creating for Star Wars Weekends in 2012.

    From a dramatically awesome pose of Donald Duck playing the role of Darth Maul from “Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace.â€

    Tyler Dumas and Casey Jones from Disney Design Group were the artists behind this main merchandise poster artwork. When interviewed they said “Designing the main poster artwork is a collaborative process that starts with talking to LucasFilm,†explained Tyler. “With the release of ‘Star Wars: Episode I’ in 3D, we wanted Donald Duck to play one of the coolest characters from that film – Darth Maul. We combed over a variety poses for Donald before finding the striking image that was used.â€

    Tyler said that there will be two posters this year – one like the image above and one will be a smaller lenticular poster which makes Donald Duck look like he is leaping off the page. Tyler said they incorporated a key learning from Star Wars Weekends 2011 into this year’s poster design.

    “The character image will be printed on a white background,†continued Tyler. “Last year, we printed on white as a way to make the image stand out. We noticed that some fans were using the poster to collect autographs. We thought that was a great idea, so we kept the white background.â€

    The main poster artwork served as inspiration for several new items that will be introduced this year. My Rebel spies were able to obtain samples of three items from Lindsay Voigt, Product Developer for Star Wars Weekends merchandise. One of my favorite items is a sculpted mug designed by Disney artist Brian Blackmore and features Donald Duck. The mug reminded me of a sculpted Chewbacca mug I had growing up.

    These three items are only a handful of things we developed. I can’t wait to share additional looks in the coming months (three words – “Look sir, Droids!â€). Star Wars Weekends will return to Disney’s Hollywood Studios beginning on May 18 and will run through June 10.


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