Hollywood Studios and Epcot swap Vice Presidents

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    Word is out that the Vice President of Disney's Hollywood Studios, Rilous Carter is going to become the Vice President of Epcot while their former Vice President, Dan Cockerell, is the new Vice President of Hollywood Studios.

    The new incoming Vice President comes with a very "hands on" approach to his theme park. While at the helm of Epcot, Cockerell was regularly seen in guest areas of the park. His legacy of being the son of former Executive Vice President of Walt Disney World Operations Lee Cockerell, will give Dan a lot to live up to.

    The role of a park Vice President (which in laymans terms means they are in charge of the park) is largely unknown by the public, but their leadership can often lead to changes and improvements around the park.

    Carter leaves the Studios after taking the job almost immediately after the Disney-MGM Studios became Disney's Hollywood Studios in 2008. Under his watch, Hollywood Studios saw a number of new projects greenlit, including Star Tours, American Idol Experience and two parades. But he was also on the watch during the Fantasmic! cut back that may have recently ended.

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    Welcome aboard Dan Cockerell and good luck!​

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