Homewood Bound - AK became Epcot!

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    The Cast

    Myself - Helen, Mum (36) - Disney planner
    Stu - Dad (42) - loves Disney, loves shopping
    Tara - Daughter 1 (9) - Disney babe, loves tink, loves shopping (with other peoples money!)
    Jodie - Daughter 2 (5)

    Today the plan was to go to AK as MK had EMH.

    After the girls woke up at 12 & 3 & eventually up at 4.40am (bet the neighbours loved us!) they were up & raring to go! Jodie getting very restless so put her in bath at 5.30am:bath: - went for brekky at 6.25am. After we had helped ourselves to some breakfast we were notified that we were supposed to have breakfast back at Homewood Suites & that our driver was waiting. (Crowne Plaza let us take Mickey waffle & some cakes in a carryout without charging us - thankyou!)

    Got back to Homewood Suites but still no room - but they were so nice & friendly it did not bother us. Asked if we had had to pay anything at Crowne as they would reimburse us any money :thumbsup:. Had breakfast which was lovely, then caught shuttle to Epcot, to catch bus to AK:nono:

    We waited, & waited, & waited for bus ....... after 20 mins of waiting decided to give up & go to Epcot instead - what a brill choice!

    [​IMG]this one is my favourite of the whole holiday!


    On entering park the photopass guy was fantastic - took loads of photo's.

    Our 1st stop was Spaceship Earth & we liked the changes, especially the end. Myself & Tara were in hysterics


    Next we queued for Test Track which said 20mins. We did not wait that long & was in car in about 10 mins.


    Done Soarin & the living seas. Then had slow walk around WS. Met many characters & got lots of autographs & photo's.


    We left Epcot after having a fish & chips at Harry Ramsdens (CM was from our home town, Worcester!) about 2.45pm. Went back to hotel, got our room, unpacked & went in pool.

    We decided to go for a walk & because Jodie was so tired only made it as far as Bahama Breeze. Was told we would have to wait 20mins, but because Jodie was so tired we said we would not be able to wait - they asked if we would mind sitting by the bar & we were seated straight away :thumbsup:. The food was lovely, just a shame we were all so tired, we did not do it justice.

    I think we were all asleep by 8pm. :dream:

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