How to Trade Disney Pins

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    Purchase a handful of pins and a Disney lanyard to trade Disney pins. To be eligible for trading, the pins must be official, metal Disney pins and not versions created by third parties. If a cast member suspects a pin is a bootleg, they may not accept it. Some Disney Resort travel packages also include a free lanyard and set of starter Disney pins.

    Find Disney cast members wearing a Disney lanyard around the park and politely ask to view their lanyard. You're allowed to trade two pins with each cast member. If the Disney cast member already has the pin you intend to trade on his lanyard, you won't be allowed to make a trade. In the summer, parks such as Disneyland or Disney's California Adventure also host pin trading carts where you can trade two of your pins (regardless of duplicates) for anything on the extensive pin boards.

    Try to collect Disney pins in a certain theme such as classic Walt Disney characters, pins from specific movies, the Disney Princesses or rare sets, for example. Searching for the "perfect find" on a lanyard makes it even more exciting to trade Disney pins.

    Have your children under twelve years old trade Disney pins with cast members wearing blue-green lanyards-these mean they'll trade pins with kids only. Because adults don't have access to the pins on this type of Disney lanyard, the opportunity to find a rare pin may be greater.

    Discover additional information, rules and pin designs and value on Disney's official pin trading website or enthusiasts' sites (like DizPins) that feature photos of upcoming releases and news on limited editions and pin trading events. A number of pin trading valuation and informational guidebooks are also available.


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