I know my ticker says I'm gone, but...

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    ...we actually leave to go see Our Christmas Castle in just about 13 hours! [​IMG]

    I'm running around like a crazy person, :mental:trying to make sure of EVERYTHING. Did I remember the yellow sticky luggage tags for the Magical Express? (Yes, but panic ensued when I realized they only sent THREE and we're checking FOUR luggage items. Gah! Luckily, one phone call set my blood pressure back to normal.)

    Did I locate the missing itinerary Spreadsheet Of Doomâ„¢ that I've been working on since April? (Yes, thank heavens it turned up, just when I thought I'd lost or misplaced it in the clutter of my life!)
    Flights confirmed? (Yep.)

    All luggage packed, packing checklists checked more than Santa checks his Naughty/Nice Lists? (Yes, indeed!)

    Dog deposited at the Dragon Lady (ex-mother-in-law)'s house for dogsitting? (Yes, poor doggie misses us already, and is apparently anxiously pacing and whining--IMHO he's looking for a way out, much as I did for 20 years...)

    Banking done? Bills paid and up-to-date? (Yes, thankfully!)
    Driveway shoveled out from under 3 feet of snow that fell on Sunday? (Ow, my aching back--yes.)

    Now all that's needed is some tried-and-true method for getting three REALLY keyed-up Disney fans sleepy enough to crash for a few hours of solid rest before the limo shows up at 3:30 A.M...no fit hour for man nor beast, methinks! I really want to avoid cranky sleep-deprived kids (or Mom either, for that matter--I get really grouchy when overtired!)...anyone have any (legal) ways of getting them to drift off for some decent rest tonight? :surrender: I'm thinking warm, relaxing baths, maybe a glass of warm chocolate milk, and a very early bedtime, so that they can do some tossing and turning before hitting the "OKAY YOU HAVE TO SLEEP NOW" red zone on the clock. Any other ideas I could try?
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    Have them read the dictionary. :yes: Hey! It works!

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