I-Ride Trolleys upgrade system with SmartBus technology

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    The I-Ride Trolley Service has been operating in the International Drive Resort Area since 1997 and is considered the easiest way to travel, allowing visitors to park their cars, save some money and enjoy the ride.

    There has been a recent introduction of a new fleet of 15 trolleys equipped with a state-of-the-art automated vehicle location system (AVLS) known as NextBus. With Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking, NextBus technology provides predicted vehicle arrival information and live maps to visitors.

    I- Ride Trolley information is available via the Internet, smartphones and text messaging. Beginning this spring, each of the 105 Trolley stops will provide a QR code that visitors will be able to scan for access to a new mobile site dedicated to the International Drive Resort Area.

    In addition, the new trolley equipment includes security cameras on each vehicle, automatic passenger counters, automated stop announcement system, LED destination signage and LED exterior accent lighting visible day and night.

    The trolleys operate from 8am until 10.30pm daily.

    Here's video of how the I-Ride Trolley operates on along International Drive.


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