iPhone 3Gs as Removable Disk?

Discussion in 'Gadgets and Gizmos' started by josh.p., Jan 23, 2012.

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    Hi All,

    I plugged my Dad's 3gs into my Uncle's computer to copy some home videos over to it. It showed as a removable disk rather than as a digital camera as it does with my Dad's laptop.

    I think it is because the drivers weren't installed on my uncle's computer, however now I'm back at our House I can only get it to show the iPhone as a digital camera which takes you straight to the DCIM folder full of photos and videos taken on the iPhone.. not the files that showed up on my uncles (which were just system files I believe) and what should be a movie in MP4 format. I've downloaded Diskaid but obviously that has hidden all the system files so I can't even see it through there... is there any way (other than uninstalling the drivers, plugging it in and opening the Removable disk really quickly) that I can get it to show EVERYTHING that is on the iPhones hard drive?


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