Isafari Christmas 12...Bush Gardens #2

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    OK, so we are off for our 2nd visit this trip to BG. It is cold and raining...5C outside. Thermal vest, long sleeve shirt, wool hoodie and it is still cold when you are out in it all day as we were at SeaWorld yesterday. We buy two large brollies when we get into the park too.

    Christine, a staff member at Busch has just emailed me before we left to ask if we were still going considering the weather. Of course we are.

    We get to the park and they are not using the regular carpark, they are directing everyone to the disabled area at the park entrance. Not expecting many folk today then.

    The chimps aren’t out....too cold. The gorillas are given the option with their door left open. One gorilla....Ballingo, sticks his head out twice and goes back to bed....don’t blame him. A keeper wanders in and it is Kira, Kelly’s daughter. We catch up and pass on our hugs to Kelly.
    Cheetahs are out braving it. Kembe and the girls are out but under a shelter. The king of the jungle is snuggled with his two girlfriends.

    Lunch is a shared sandwich while we are entertained by Santa....yep, Santa is still here.

    We come back outside after lunch about 12.30pm and the rain has stopped and the sun is out. It’s still cold but a lot more bearable. Christine is emailing me again....where are we? Christine is a curator at BG and a lovely lady. She has asked if we are free as we can go behind the tiger exhibits and watch the staff interact with some of the tigers. Heck, I’m there in a heartbeat. Bala, my favourite tiger is out on the exhibit with her brother Butan so we won’t be getting close to them today.

    We meet King and Sohan. The trainer gives the cats meatballs in return for them showing parts of their body which helps when they need to take samples or give injections. We wander through the tunnels that the tigers use to get from one area to another. We have a great time.

    Now Christine is asking us to be at the 3pm cheetah talk then afterwards she has arranged for us to be taken backstage with their keepers too. When we get there, Christine is there waiting for us too. Hugs all around and we thank her for all of today (she spoilt us last summer too with the giraffes etc) when she leaves we go with Ashleigh to the cheetah exhibit. Here we also meet Cornelius who is a hornbill. They are training him to fly over the guests before a cheetah run. Ashleigh asks us to let her know when we are going back and she will let us be part of the preshow with him.

    We meet 6 of the 8 cheetahs. We get to meet Cassie who is our favourite cheetah, also Thabo and Keyara along with three others I admit to not knowing. They are chirping and purring for England today. We spend about an hour here. We also wander through their tunnels and walkways and watch a training session .
    I am in tears from the generosity of staff here towards us. They have given us some great memories.

    We head back to the lions and now that the rain has stopped Kembe, Shtuko and Shaba are very lively so we stay here for some time.
    We wander through the parks visiting the elephants, penguins, hippos etc.
    Before we know it, it is getting dark so we head for the exit. Dinner tonight is at Cheesecake Factory in Brandon.

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