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    lDave wakes up!this morning with a migraine which is making him feel really sick so I send him back to bed. I potter...iron, start packing, catch up a little more on trip reports etc.

    It is another very cold day....I think I am wearing everything I own lol. We head out about 12.30pm for Animal Kingdom. I tried to change Fastpasses this morning to later in the day but WDW site was down. We get through the carpark booth and immediately hit the 3 width line of cars waiting for the carpark. It takes us 30minutes to get to a space.

    Once inside, Dave is desperate for a coffee and we missed our ADR for breakfast at Rainforest Cafe so we join the line for sausage and egg buns at Starbucks. D7FFD180-000B-402B-80B2-976D6C459FC6.jpeg

    We have missed our first two Fastpasses today. It is however our VIP day for the Lion King show so we head to Africa. The line for the Safari is back to the bridge. I think this is the busiest I have seen AK.

    I have a chocolate pineapple’s a must.

    It is glorious sunshine come I am ffffffreezing.

    Our VIP seats are great. They are the tiny bench at the front which seats three. Best seats ever. There are a couple of small kids behind us so we squeeze together and let them join us. Loving this...being so close.
    We head for the gorillas and get right to the entrance before we are told that it is too cold for them today so they are indoors. Bummer!

    We catch an African acrobatic group who are great fun.
    I know we didn’t get here until afternoon but time is running away from us.

    We get in line for my favourite photopass with these guys....
    They are so much fun? I get a huge hug from King Louie and before I know it I am saying “ooh, your armpits are lovely and warm” he looks at me and rolls on the floor laughing. I try and save myself by asking if he will walk around the park hugging me...which he does...right out the area. When we get back, Balloo is miming how he can’t see Dave’s trousers as they are camouflage trousers. These guys are great.

    We head around to Finding Nemo Musical,
    It is about 6.15pm and dark out. It has been a short but fantastic day here at AK. We know we have a really full day at MK tomorrow so,we decide to leave this park. We head to the local eat in chippy where Dave has cod and chips and I have chicken & leek pie and chips.
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    Sounds like a full day at AK...time slips away so fast when you are distracted and enjoying things.
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