Isafari's secret wedding vow renewal 2004

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    December 27th
    Cannot believe this day has finally arrived after two years of planning. Now, I have spent the last year like . I get up this morning and I am so chilled out it is unreal. I think it's know.....what if mam is ill today...what if we lose passports....what if

    So, we are packed (3 cases and 2 holdalls...DH just cannot travel lightly ) and waiting for my brother to arrive to take us to the airport. For the 20th time, I have checked oven is off, doors and windows locked, we do have our passports. I have started to take my travel sickness pills...they will work, won't they
    Arrive at Newcastle airport in plenty of time to find that you can now do the 'self check - in'. Brilliant....took no time at all.
    We arrive at Gatwick airport with only a few minutes to spare before the twilight check - in. We hurried through the airport with luggage trailing elegantly behind us (not). We spot the right desk just in time to see the Virgin rep take the chain of the hook and start to pull it across the opening. With a little extra effort, we reach her in the nick of time. She proceeds to tell us what time it is but, the comment goes straight over the top of our heads - we are going to WDW

    We are staying tonight at the Gatwick Hilton Hotel. We have been assured that it has triple glazing so we won't be disturbed by the noise of the planes taking off. Check - in is quick and easy. We have a ground floor room - right next to the bar...the bar that stays open until about 4am. Room is nice but not as nice as I expected. Signs behind the reception were advertising rooms for £160 per night.

    We decide on room service for our meal this evening so we can chill out and relax in our pyjamas. DH opts for a curry dish and I have a chicken noodle concoction. We both have cokes which arrive in bottles with the metal cap lids - and no bottle opener. On the tray is a note asking us to put the tray outside of the door when we are finished and a member of staff will pick it up.
    Meal over, still hungry, DH takes the tray as requested and opens the room door. He delicately drops the tray the last few inches and it lands with a clatter.......remember the bar we are right next to? Silence.......everyone has stopped laughing and chatting and is looking at DH in his Bart Simpson pj's He comes scurrying back into the room muttering something about embarrassment...and the bar area starts to laugh again.......I assure him that they are not laughing at him - they are laughing with him
    Slept quite well, no noise from the planes - just the bar!

    December 28th
    we will be in Orlando later today
    Did I say "later today" yep.....quite a bit later. Our plane is delayed by two and a half hours. Oh well, will have to hit the sales then All I ended up buying was a half price summer top from Etam....still haven't worn it, and a Ribena drink.

    Finally, we were on the plane to take us to the 'happiest place on earth'. We had booked two seats by themselves at the back of the plane. We settled down and buckled up. Apparently we are now going to be delayed further as we are waiting on two more people getting here.......was the two and a half hours not long enough for them!! Begin to feel sorry for them as I'm sure they'll be met with icy stares from passengers on the plane who are chomping at the bit to get in the air.

    Don't you just love those pretzel type snacks they give know the ones.....just get the flavour in your mouth and the packet is empty.
    Decide to watch Without A Paddle.......funny film. I'm sure no one else could have been watching it as I was the only one laughing out loud Time to watch another film but I am getting nervous about tomorrow and can't concentrate Attempt to tell DH what I have planned for tomorrow on a few occasions but my voice is in my shoes somewhere and they are tied real tightly!

    So, we have landed. Claimed our cases.....given up our cases.....claimed our cases. We step through the doors into the airport and, in a blur of movement, a mad woman comes bounding over to us, hugs us and .....oh, hang on a is our dear friend and her son who are pleased to see their Brit buddies again. The two of them will be spending the first few days with us in Orlando before they head back home to Tampa and work/school
    We go to the Dollar Car Rental desk and without any problems or arms twisted up DH's back, we get the papers for the car we actually ordered. It is the E4 economy car but it is big enough plus some for the two of us and luggage. We are given a bright red Dodge Neon - very nice indeed.

    DH and I split up and he takes our rental car with our friends son, and I go with our friend in her car. They have already booked into the Doubletree Universal earlier today so they know where it is. The car I am in finds its way no problems.....the rental car however, it takes a little longer to arrive
    I am impressed with this hotel. In fact, it is far nicer than the expensive Hilton we stayed in last night. The room is spotless. The bed - it is sooooo big that we had to get our passports out to cross it.

    Because we are about 3 hours late in arriving, we decide to unpack and then go to the Pizza-hut in the hotel grounds for supper. Comparing this pizza to our Pizza-hut it was very bland. Sitting at the table, DH says......."so, how long do I have to pretend that I know nothing for?" :eek:

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