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    All you can eat Krispy Kremes

    Sunday 7th December

    Steven woke at the crack of 5.50am this morning, and Mickey called at 6am to check that we were all awake as there were big doings afoot somewhere. He didn’t specify where so we just have to hope that it’s where we are going to be. I have a sore throat. Not surprisingly really, Adrian has been nursing mild cold symptoms, Lisa and Big Steve are both coughing a bit, Steven has a bit of a runny nose, and let’s face it we haven’t exactly taken it easy over the last week. Huh? One week over already, where did that go then? I dismiss my sore throat as a minor inconvenience and head for the shower before sorting the bag for the day and watching the Weather Channel. Adrian gets us coffee from the food court and we drink this whilst learning all about the wintery conditions in the North East. Looks a bit gairy we decide.

    Amazingly everyone is ready and raring to go bang on time so we go through the morning ritual of arguing over who will press the button in the elevator, and then the race to the kerb, before crossing the little road to the cars. We did not see a single cheerleader on the way; this is beginning to get boring looking for them, I don’t actually believe they are here; I think someone put all those signs out for a joke.

    After a very short, uneventful drive we arrive at the entrance to the Animal Kingdom parking lot and, just as I was told yesterday, there is someone there waving us through. Us, and a whole load of other cars; don’t know why, but I had it in my head that we would somehow be the only ones there at that time of the morning. So we are directed into a parking space and as we are unloading children, buggies, etc from cars I spot a familiar sounding accent. Adrian spots it too as we look at each other in bewilderment. There are no cars coming in behind us so I walk over to the parking CM and ask, “Excuse me sir, but where are you from?†He shows me his badge. Tyne and Wear. We’ve been parked by a Geordie! There will still no cars coming in so we had a chat with him. He told us how he ended up in Florida but I’ve totally forgotten that story. Then we had a bit of a chat about the Disney 2-fingered point when giving directions, and how it compared to the 2-fingered Geordie point which is definitely not used for giving directions. Then some more cars came in so we had to let him get back to work but it was really cool talking to him, whatever his name is.

    We are safely parked and at the entrance to the park, stopping of course to admire the Chrissy tree. The far right turnstile has a big Breakfastasarus sign above it so we all head that way and are let straight into the park with the other waiting masses. I give our name and details to one of the several CMs there and we are given a slip of paper and told to wait in the immediate area until our name is called. We mill around for about 5 minutes before a CM calls our name, and about 4 others and he takes us off in a group to the restaurant. On the way he introduced himself to us as Mikeasaurus and he would be our server for breakfast. He pointed out various things to us on the way through including the Tree of Life, which is actually about 18 inches tall and growing in a shady spot somewhere in The Oasis area. He also informed us all that we were headed for a breakfast that included all you can eat Krispy Kreme doughnuts. This bought a rousing cheer from many of us.

    I surely don’t remember the restaurant being this far from the front gate. We seemed to walk for miles and miles. Maybe lingering weariness clouded our judgement. Anyway we finally got there and we were shown to our tables. When I made the PS for this I chose 2 tables for 4 instead of 1 for 8 because it meant we got the first seating. If we wanted a table for 8 the earliest they could seat us was 9am and I didn’t want to waste valuable park time, so I was on the phone at the crack of Noon (love these time zones) to secure our early seating. We had 2 adjoining tables and Mikeasaurus very kindly pushed them together so that we were all on 1 big table. The grown ups immediately dived for the coffee pots and Mikeasaurus bought Ellie and Harry some apple juice, and hot tea for Big Steve.

    The characters were on the other side of the restaurant for now, so it was safe to go and get some food. I went and got Steven a banana and a couple of the mini pancakes they had there. He also had a bit of my scrambled egg so he definitely got his money’s worth from his free breakfast. Everyone else hit the breakfast bar and very soon Big Steve was on his fourth Krispy Kreme. Don’t know how he does it, I could only manage three. I wonder briefly how big a hissy Tink will throw when I tell her I had 3 Krispy Kremes, but then Mikeasaurus comes along and “squirts†me with a fake ketchup bottle and jolts me back to the here and now.

    The characters come along to our side eventually. Goofy and Donald come first. Goofy stops to see Ellie and Harry but misses Steven altogether and we have to ask his helper to send him back to us. Donald appears scared of Steven and won’t come too close; obviously thinks he’s a bit gairy. Or maybe it was because Steven was covered in food particles. Pluto and Mickey are the other two characters at this meal and they soon appear and pose for photos with the children. No need for autographs – we already have all these.

    Mikeasaurus brings us more coffee and our check, which we pay after checking the gratuity has been added. Overall I’d give this meal a B-. The food was your average breakfast fare. It all tasted good, but it was nothing outstanding; that’s to be expected at a buffet though. The hot food was nice and hot though. The character interaction let this one down a bit though. The characters didn’t appear to want to spend much time at each table. Harry never got a chance to converse with any of them, it was just a quick photo and they’re off again. Possibly this was because it’s a big restaurant and it was very busy. Anyway, we still had a good time but I don’t think we’ll get up at 6am for this one again. Mind you, all you can eat Krispy Kremes…

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