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    Tuesday 9th December

    Adrian says he saw a couple of cheerleaders in the food court last night whilst getting a late night beverage. I think he’s just winding me up: there’s no such thing as a cheerleader at Disney.

    Adrian was the first one awake this morning, and he took the opportunity to gloat to me about this when I awoke at 7am. Actually what really happened was that Steven had fallen asleep last night before having his bedtime milk. He woke up at 4am and I got up and gave him his milk then we both went back to sleep. So actually Adrian was the last one up.

    While I got Steven ready for the day Adrian went and got coffee and a couple of cherry Danish from the food court and bought them back up to the room. The imaginary couple of cheerleaders were in the food court again. Steven had some apple sauce for breakfast then went for a roam around the room that ended with him colliding head on with the cupboard between the two beds. His left eyebrow came straight up in a big bump and he looked like he’d gone 10 rounds with a prizefighter.

    Everyone except Nanny Lesley made the trip to MGM studios this morning. The plan for the day was to hit a couple of shows here that we missed on our last visit, then head back to the resort for a bit of chillin’ before heading out to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party tonight. Nanny Lesley decided not to do the park this morning and stayed behind to rest.

    We caught the tram to the park entrance and made our way through security. The security guard there checked Lisa’s bag and noticed some apples in there. Lisa got a stern warning not to let Snow White see the apples as she thought they were a bit gairy. I thought this was funny. The security guard then confided in me that she uses that joke a lot but it really falls flat on the guests that don’t speak English.

    The park is already open so we head straight in and grab a show schedule. We was planning on seeing Beauty and the Beast and Voyage of the Little Mermaid but the first Beauty and the Beast show was not until 1.15pm by which time we would be long gone. A quick change of plans and we opt for the first performance of Indiana Jones, followed by Voyage of the Little Mermaid. An acceptable plan. We head down Hollywood Boulevard only to be stopped in our tracks by the Green Army Men, and a whole platoon of them at that. Quick photograph and autograph session and we’re on our way again. There’s time to kill before Indy so we turn down Sunset Boulevard as Ellie has decided we’re going on the Terror Tower again. You know, the one she didn’t like. All the way down the street she’s saying she’s going to ride it. Right up until the entrance. Then Rock n Roller Coaster looks so much more appealing. There’s about a 20 minute wait but we decide to get in line because we have time to spare. Lisa does the opt-out to sit with Harry and the rest of us go for a ride. When we exit the attraction the wait time has shot up to 45 minutes.

    We retrieve Lisa and Harry and head over towards Indiana Jones, stopping every few minutes to see where Nanny Lesley is. We’re so used to having her with us we keep wondering where she’s gone. We cross the hat area giving the characters there a quick scan. We’ve become a bit blasé about characters now and we give a nonchalant “met all those†and carry on our way. We sit toward the back of the Indiana Jones theatre in case the noise gets a bit too gairy. There were two men sitting in front of us whom I believe were French, or some other non-English speaking nationality. Anyway, every time Harry or Steven so much as stirred in their seat or made the slightest noise these two men turned round and glared at us. Excuse me they’re both under-3, children of that age wriggle a lot. You’re at Disney – it’s full of wriggly children. Let me guess, when you were this age you sat perfectly still in silence for 30 minutes. Oh and hey, we’re in a half-empty theatre, if it bothers you that much there’s plenty of other seating available. OK small rant over, but please understand if you’re at Disney you will encounter children.

    So we watch Indiana Jones, and everyone enjoys, though Harry said it was a bit gairy. We exit the theatre, retrieve our buggies and head over to the Little Mermaid theatre. On the way we pass the 50s Prime Time Café and I ask Harry if he wants to go and say hello to Uncle Tim. Harry found this offer more than gairy so we carried on our merry way. A quick check reveals that no way would we make the next Little Mermaid performance so we get Fast Passes for everyone and have a stroll down Mickey Ave to see if there are any characters out and about. On the way down here I spot something that I like very much. As you enter Mickey Ave and walk past the entrance to One Man’s Dream (which we never say btw) look behind you and up to your left. The building here has ivy growing all over it. The theme park is I’m guessing around 15 years old. This ivy looks like it’s been there forever. I like touches like that; it’s nice to see there still are some of them. The rat Eisner would do well to listen to people like me: we don’t want some off-the-shelf hub and spoke ride, we want ivy that’s been here forever, even before the park was here. We want the little touches: we don’t care how many thrill rides you’ve got planned; we go to Six Flags for thrill rides. We want the details; the details mean everything. I want my Main St back. I don’t like the strip mall that’s there. I want my penny arcade back, and I want my magic shop back. Give me back my details. Like the ivy. I like the ivy. There, I feel better for that.

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