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    The First Haircut

    Thursday 11th December

    Mickey woke us at 6.40am this morning. We had to be up early today, we had a big day ahead. Adrian got dressed and went down to the food court for coffee and food while I gave Steven his bath and got us ready for the day. While I was doing this I saw Big Steve walk past our window. Then a couple of minutes later Nanny Lesley walked past our window. I found this curious because we were only a few rooms down from the stairwell, which was the nearest stairwell to the food court. They continually shunned this to walk past our room and take the elevator, thus adding to their journey length. All for the sake of a few stairs.

    Anyway, Adrian returned with coffee and a cherry Danish each and we ate these and then both tried to get the lid off of Steven’s jar of pear and banana (no added texture). After much wrestling with this thing, Steven eventually got his breakfast : while Adrian washed his bottles ready for more milk. We then threw bags and buggies outside of our room, which served as an indicator to the others that we were ready to go. Nanny Lesley once again had to travel in Big Steve’s car as Ellie insisted on it and threatened us with all sorts of tantrum based occurrences in order to get her own way. We just thought that Nanny Lesley wanted to go with them because they could open their car doors just by pressing a button so she wouldn’t have to waste energy by pulling a lever or anything.

    Anyway, we get to the Magic Kingdom in good time and park in Pluto 11 before jumping on a tram to the TTC. We got the monorail from here over to the Magic Kingdom; far too cold for the ferry today. It actually wasn’t that cold, but we remembered how cold it was on the water from our first day and we throught that the ferry trip might be a bit gairy. So we hop on the monorail – the pink one much to Ellie’s delight – and as we step off at the Magic Kingdom my hat fell apart. My new, less than two weeks old, Donald Duck cap just collapsed in my hands and ended up in the trash can. I had a small sulk but then got back down to business as we were on a mission.

    We made it through the turnstiles of the Magic Kingdom at around 8.50am and there was already a line of about 6 or 7 people at the Barber Shop on Main St. No problems, there was also about a gazillion characters roaming around the area so Adrian, Steven and myself got in line for Steven’s haircut and the rest of them went off to meet characters. Just after the Magic Kingdom officially opened, the Barber Shop opened for business. There was a lady and a gentleman cutting hair today. Unfortunately for everybody else waiting in line, the second person in line was a Japanese lady who spoke very little English and wanted a total restyle of her hair, which she communicated to the lady hairdresser by drawing pictures on a scrap of paper. As you can imagine this took ages and while she was having her hair cut, about 4 other people went through on the other chair.

    We didn’t mind waiting for this and it was fun watching everyone else get their hair cut and pixie dusted but we were a bit concerned that the others would run out of characters to meet and would get fed up with waiting for us. I went and found Lisa and told her that there were two ahead of us now and that they should go off and do some rides and stuff and meet us in an hour or so, but they were quite happy to wait for us as there were still loads of characters to meet and play with.

    Eventually after about 75 minutes wait it was Steven’s turn and he went and sat in Michal’s chair with its booster seat fitted. Michal introduced himself to Steven and stuck a few Mickey stickers on him, but not too many, in case he decided to eat them – which he usually did. Then he got a Tinkerbell spinner toy for me to hold and distract Steven with while he did the all important hair cutting. Adrian was the official photographer for the big event. The cutting started and Steven was so engrossed with the Tinkerbell toy that he didn’t even notice that his hair was getting shorter. He did get distracted a couple of times by some Country Bears who kept running in to the Barber Shop to steal pixie dust for some naughty business they were getting up to outside. But more of that later.

    The actual cutting only took around 5 minutes and Michal did a very good job on it; Steven looked ever so grown up with his new neat hair. Halfway through cutting, Ellie came in to watch and got liberally pixie-dusted, and also left with a plethora of Mickey stickers. When the cutting was complete Michal went to a drawer and produced a pair of Mickey ears with “First Haircut†embroidered on them, and placed them on Steven’s head before letting Steven admire his reflection in a mirror. Steven seemed very impressed with his new haircut and his new headgear and didn’t try to remove his ears at all. Michal then wrote out a certificate for Steven to commemorate his first ever haircut, and he also gave us the hair clippings wrapped in a tissue and sealed with Mickey stickers. All of this for the bargain price of $12, but Adrian handed over a $20 bill and told Michal to keep the change as we thought it was well worth the money for the experience.

    I carried Steven out of there still proudly sporting his ears. We wished the group behind us good luck as they had bought their baby girl in for her first cut, and went back out to find our group and to see what they had been up to while we were getting the very first haircut. You will find out which one of them ended up in First Aid in the next instalment.

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