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    The First Aid installment

    So while we were in getting Steven’s first haircut, this is what went on outside. Bear in mind that I have no notes on this part and am relying on word of mouth from other people but I’ll do my best to recall the events as they happened. I’ll put you all out of your misery now and tell you that it was Harry that ended up in First Aid. Come on, who else could it have been?

    Big Steve, Lisa, Ellie, Harry and Nanny Lesley went off to meet as many characters as they could while Baby Steven was getting his haircut. There was at least a dozen characters out at any one time in the Town Square area and they also changed fairly frequently, so there was much rushing around and gathering of autographs and posing for photos. Some of the characters were a bit gairy: Captain Hook for one, and also King John took some persuading before he agreed to let Ellie and Harry stand near him for photographs. The Evil Queen asked the two of them who the fairest of them all was and when Ellie told her it was Snow White she threw a bit of a hissy and demanded to know where Snow White was. Don’t worry though, Ellie and Harry knew to keep her location secret. Cruella DeVille was too gairy to get a photo with.

    Anyway, the two of them went to meet Princess Aurora and after this they started playing together and Ellie was picking Harry up from behind and walking along with him. Big Steve was telling her not to do it in case she tripped and fell, when suddenly she tripped and fell forward. Harry hit the ground face first and Ellie fell right on top of him. There was much tearfulness and Ellie was clinging to Nanny Lesley sobbing that she didn’t mean to do that to Harry. In the meantime Harry had got to his feet crying and with blood pouring from his nose, and a huge bump in the middle of his forehead. Lisa managed to stem the bleeding but, disturbingly, not a single Cast Member came over to offer help. Also the Evil Queen was nearby and she didn’t break character, which is quite cool, but she could have alerted someone to what was going on.

    Sometime around now I come out to tell Nanny Lesley that there were still two people in front of us and she filled me in on what had happened. I told her where the First Aid place was in case they wanted to take Harry up there but apparently he was ok now. I went back into the Barbershop to wait with Steven. Shortly after Lisa came in to say that Harry’s nose wouldn’t stop bleeding and that they were taking him up to First Aid after all and that they would meet us back here. So off they go, and Ellie waits outside the Barbershop with Nanny Lesley.

    This is where the Country Bears come in to the story. I have to be honest and say that I don’t know what bear is what but the very tall one was being very naughty outside the Barbershop. Kept chasing people and stealing pixie dust from the Barbershop and running around throwing it over people. Then he noticed Ellie eating a packet of Doritos and grabbed them and ran off with them. Nanny Lesley and Ellie were laughing so much that they couldn’t chase after the bear. He bought the Doritos back eventually though, and when Ellie had eaten them she came in to watch Steven get his hair cut. The Country Bears were renamed the Naughty Bears for the rest of the trip though.

    By the time we came out of the Barbershop everyone was back and waiting outside for us. Harry had been to First Aid where they had stopped his nosebleed, given him an ice pack for the bump on his head, and given him some “I’ve visited First Aid today,†Mickey stickers. He must have really hit the ground hard because he actually had a concrete imprint on his forehead that was still there at the end of the day. Luckily there was no serious damage and everyone was happy to stay at the park for the rest of the day.

    As we had completely failed to even enter Tomorrowland on Ellie’s birthday this was our first port of call. Buzz Lightyear only had a 10 minute wait so everyone got into line for this except Steven and myself as one of us was due a milk break. They were gone considerably longer than 10 minutes and eventually Adrian emerges to tell me that as soon as they got off Ellie dragged them all straight back round for another go, and that everyone else was now in the gift shop deciding what to buy for Harry.

    Next on the agenda was a trip to Mickey’s Toontown so that all the girls could get their faces painted. I have no idea how I ended up agreeing to do this. I think it was a combination of the number of grown-ups we saw around the park with painted faces, and Ellie’s pleading. So when we get to the face painting area, there’s no line and about 8 CMs standing around waiting for faces to paint so now getting out of it. OK then, if I’m getting a face paint I want something evil, so I choose the Evil Queen look. It was actually very relaxing having that done and while they were waiting, the boys went and got us all some coffee. which we sat around drinking afterwards while the paint dried.

    Ellie now needed to ride Goofy’s Barnstormer and who was chosen as the co-pilot. Me, the new Evil Queen. There’s only a short wait so I tell her, just one ride, and we enter the boarding area. We get the front seats which is pretty cool and we both do a “not scared but I’m going to scream anyway,†scream all the way round the ride. Elli tried to dash back round to the entrance again but I gave her my best Evil Queen look and she decided it would be better to go back to the rest of the group and move on somewhere else.

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