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    The one where we break it again

    While we were having a rest after the exhausting visit to the Tiki Birds, Ellie noticed the big tree that we walked past every time we went through Adventureland and started asking questions about it. I told her all about it and said that Uncle Adrian would be more than happy to take her up there if she wanted a closer look. So while Uncle Adrian took Ellie up the treehouse Nanny Lesley and myself did the restroom, change Steven thing. As we came out of the restroom the two of them came out of the treehouse exit. That was quick. Adrian said the Ellie just wanted to climb up the steps and back down again. Oh well. Now Ellie wants the restroom that we have just come out of so our departure from this area is delayed once more.

    We decide that as we’d done every other attraction in Adventureland we may as well hit Pirates of the Caribbean and make a clean sweep of the area. Buggy safely abandoned we troop through the non-existant line and straight on to a boat with just a couple of other guests in. Steven sat quietly on my lap for the first part of the ride but when we got into the village scenes he went absolutely mad. Jumping up and down and squealing with excitement; he thought it was great. Not gairy at all.

    Only one thing to do after you’ve conquered Adventureland – whizz round the corner to Frontierland for hot dogs. We didn’t have enough time to tackle a turkey leg before meeting the others so we settled for a quick hot dog. Except Ellie who wanted popcorn. We sat down with our hot dogs opposite a popcorn vendor and Ellie was allowed to walk over and buy her own bucket of popcorn while we watched her all the way across and back. After a hotdog/popcorn break we walked round to the First Aid centre on the off-chance that Big Steve and Lisa had arrived early. They’ve never arrived early in their lives, why we thought they would do so now is a mystery. Needless to say they were not there so we did some last minute shopping on Main St. That’s to say, I did last minute shopping, and Ellie did some last minute pleading. I think she got a pop-up candy thing from Nanny Lesley on the strict proviso that she ask for nothing more today. I got a Donald Duck hoody that is great at turning things pink in the laundry. Several bibs and a couple of t-shirts later, I’ve learnt to keep it separate.

    After a quick shop we headed back to the First Aid centre and I took Steven into the adjacent Baby Care Centre to do a quick change. This place was even better than the Animal Kingdom centre. There was a room for changing, a kitchen to do food and drink stuff, another room with a TV and toys, and another room that I didn’t even get time to explore. It was amazing. The only downside was, at that point in time, it was staffed by the scariest looking CM I’ve ever seen. I’m sure she was a lovely young lady really, but she just looked like one of those scary matrons you see in 1950s Ealing Studios films. If she’d had asked me to clean the floors I would have happily complied for fear of a sponge bath if I said no.

    Anyway while I was changing Steven, Lisa came in to give Harry a quick change and to ooh and aah over the centre. Harry made himself at home in front of the TV and was quite prepared to stay there all day it seemed. We couldn’t persuade him to leave until scary CM came in and said, “Does Harry want to stay here with me?†He was out of there like a shot.

    Mickey’s Philharmagic was first on the list of the newly reunited group so we dash through the castle so quickly that Ellie does not realise there’s a shop in there, and throw the buggies somewhere round the carousel and get into line. This time we get right into the holding area outside the theatre doors before we get the “technical difficulties, hopefully just a few minutes, “ thing. Many people chose to leave at this time, but once again we waited for the “knackered, who knows when it will work,†speech before bailing out of there. We had to exit back through the entrance and as we came through there was a man there having a heated conversation with the CM at the FastPass entrance about something. As I walked past I found that this man was trying to use a Peter Pan FastPass to get into Mickey’s Philharmagic because his wife was in there. The CM was trying to explain that a. a Peter Pan FastPass was no good here, and b. even it if was they couldn’t let him in because the attraction was down and if he’d just wait here his wife would be right out. This guy really took some convincing too.

    Now that we’d wrecked Mickey’s Philharmagic again we thought we’d better skedaddle from Fantasyland in case CMs started to recognise us as the repeat saboteurs so we grabbed the buggies and ran round to Mickey’s Toontown. We abandoned the buggies again by the train station, jumped on the train and fled. Actually, we parked our buggies neatly in the buggy parking area, waited patiently in the boarding area for the train to arrive, selected two rows of seating in the train and climbed carefully aboard for a trip around the park. This was a bit thing for Harry as he loves trains of any kind. We did a full circuit of the railroad: you get a good view of the 75th birthday Mickey statues from the Main St station. Harry spent much of the train journey sharing his raisins with me, and anyone else who dared to take one of the raisins that he offered with his grubby little fingers. I was assured by his parents that neither raisins nor fingers had been anyway near any facial orifices.

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