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    So where were we? Ah yes, eating Harry’s raisins while taking a trip on the Walt Disney World railroad. A pleasant enough way to spend a Friday afternoon in December. We did the full circuit of the railroad and disembarked where we had boarded in Mickey’s Toontown Fair. After retrieving buggies and strapping small children into them we followed the secret path to Tomorrowland to check out whether or not we could bring down Space Mountain for a second time this trip.

    A quick check reveals that all is fine and dandy with Space Mountain so Nanny Lesley is parked on a bench with Harry and Steven as these three are either too short or too gaired to ride, and the rest of us enter the building. We did not encounter any line until we entered the boarding area, so I guess the wait was around 10 minutes all told. Now, I had explained the seating arrangement on this ride to Ellie very clearly before we entered so that she knew she would not be able to have anyone sitting next to her. As soon as she saw the rockets she didn’t want to ride because of the seats. I said I would take her out the chicken exit if she wanted, when we got to the front. The next five minutes were spent between riding and not riding, then riding, then not riding, then maybe riding, then not riding, and riding. In the end not only did Ellie ride, but she insisted on sitting in the front seat.

    After Lisa screamed the rest of us deaf all the way round Space Mountain, we recovered Nanny Lesley and the two boys and all went for a trip on the people mover thingy. Well this turned out to be Steven’s very favourite ride of the whole trip. He laughed and squealed all the way round, except the dark bit inside Space Mountain. He was jumping about so much that Adrian had to pin him down in the end to stop him escaping from our car.

    We exited here and Ellie felt the urge for some popcorn, or a restroom, or something or other so the rest of us sat on a bench waiting. Actually if I remember rightly it was a restroom stop. Anyway while we’re waiting Harry decides to raid Ellie’s popcorn bucket that she acquired earlier in Frontierland, but he does this by climbing up the inside of the buggy to where it’s hanging on the buggy handle. Of course Harry’s grasp of levers and physics is pretty basic and he’s done the maths all wrong so crashing to the ground he and the buggy go (again ). The Cast Member greeter from the TTA is over so quickly I swear she flew. Better then when he got the concrete imprint yesterday. Anyway Harry is fine, but he’s managed to scatter his big sister’s popcorn far and wide and soon every bird within 10 miles is enjoying an impromptu feast. We decide not to tell Ellie of this event: she has so many popcorn buckets now, she’s probably already forgotten about this one. And she had.

    From here we headed over to Mickey’s Star Traders as this was our last hope. Big Steve and Lisa had been searching the Kingdom for a 6†Buzz Lightyear figure in original colours and all they had found so far was Glow in the Dark, and See Through. Harry is Buzz mad and this figure was needed to complete the Christmas shopping targets. We head in and Big Steve spots the holy grail and heads straight for it while the rest of us cheer wildly and give big sighs of relief. So relieved are we at finding the missing piece that we celebrate with a bit of spontaneous shopping. Well we’re in there now, we may as well have a look round.

    Now remember much earlier in the day when Ellie had procured a gift from Nanny Lesley with the promise that she would not ask for anything else today. Well there was this Christmas hat with Minnie ears. So Nanny Lesley is approached first and is swiftly reminded of the earlier promise. No matter, here comes Big Steve after paying for the Original Buzz, I’ll just explain to Daddy that even though I promised not to ask for anything else I simply must have the Minnie Christmas hat. As I left the shop Big Steve was pointing out the “Adult†size label to Ellie. The rest of us sat on a bench and waited for the “discussion†to end while doing a bit of people watching. Eventually Big Steve emerges followed by a tearful Ellie and no Minnie Christmas hat. Well she had promised and promises must be kept.

    Dumbo was our next, and what turned out to be our last ride of the holiday. Ellie had promised to accompany me on this ride as I’ve always been afraid to ride without the protection of a small child. At the last minute she reneges on our deal and chooses to ride with Big Steve instead. The same Big Steve who’d just refused her the Minnie Christmas hat. I don’t understand children sometimes. Well most of the time actually. Anyway Big Steve and Ellie were in one Dumbo, myself and Steven were in another, and Harry rode with Adrian in a third. I tell you what, those elephants go up quite high, don’t they? It was getting a bit gairy for a while. Steven didn’t seem phased by it but I was going a bit wobbly at the really high points. Serves me right for hogging the controls.

    We all sat in the seating area next to Dumbo and had a rest, before deciding that the time was right to exit the park for the final time. Dumbo was a good last ride to have. We gathered ourselves and walked through the castle, down the side ramp and along Main St for the final time. It was time to say good-bye to the Magic Kingdom.

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