Kings Cup Coming to Richard Petty at Walt Disney World

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    Richard Petty Driving Experience (RPDE), the world-wide leader in NASCAR stock car drive and ride entertainment, will host The King’s Cup on Feb. 21 at Walt Disney World Speedway in Orlando, Fla. This one-of-a-kind experience will pit competitors head-to-head while driving NASCAR race cars, street cars and high performance karts (HPKs) in timed and scored events, vying for The King’s Cup trophy.

    The half day racing event will commence with a high-speed, three-lap Ride-Along around the one-mile tri-oval. Once the drivers have the opportunity to experience Walt Disney World Speedway in the hands of a professional driving instructor, they will take the wheel for an eight-lap Rookie Driving Experience. Other timed and scored driving competitions include racing Stratos high performance karts and a Head-to-Head Challenge featuring street cars on a coned course. The competitor with the best overall score will be named winner of The King’s Cup presented by “The King†himself.

    The King’s Cup is unique, we’re actually pitting drivers against each other to battle it out from behind the wheel, putting their best driving skills to the test in stock cars, karts and street cars,†said Mike Bartelli, Chief Marketing Officer of Petty Holdings, LLC, parent company of Richard Petty Driving Experience.

    The King’s Cup at Walt Disney World Speedway is $999 and $799 for current Experience Rewards Members. For more information about The King’s Cup or to reserve your spot, call 1.800.237.3889 or visit

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